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Going to the dentist to get a decayed tooth extracted is a common nightmare of everyone during their childhood. As you grow up, you get a new haunting experience: wisdom teeth. This is because many people don’t know how to safely relieve wisdom tooth pain.

How can we survive the wisdom tooth nightmare without a trip to the dentist?

Wisdom teeth refer to the third and final set of molars that everyone gets during their early adulthood, from 17 to 25 years old. Those teeth can be valuable assets to your set of teeth if they are healthy and grow properly. However, they are prone to misalignment and thus, often have to be extracted.

When a wisdom tooth is misaligned, it may grow sideways, at a wrong angle, or grow at an angle away from the second molar. This poor alignment may cause it to be compressed and damage adjacent teeth, the jaw bone, and nerves.

Wisdom teeth are affected by many factors as they are surrounded by soft tissue or jaw bone. They don’t have sufficient space. Therefore, they have to cut through the gums but still unable to fully erupt.

This allows bacteria to inhabit around the teeth and cause infection, resulting in pain, swelling, and jaw numbness. The partially erupted teeth are vulnerable to cavities and gum disease as their location makes it hard for them to be cleaned with brushing and flossing.

If the pain gets too severe, you should visit your dentist to seek medical help. However, if your wisdom teeth are growing properly, you may find relief with these quick and effective home remedies.

11 ways to treat wisdom tooth pain

It may take wisdom teeth three months to erupt. However, there are usually some dormant periods in between. Or, since they can’t tear away the gums, you will have to suffer this pain once every month.

If the pain is too severe or if you experience frequent headaches, excessive blood in saliva, or gum abscess, you should visit your dentist to seek pain relief or have your wisdom teeth extracted.