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What are porcelain crowns? How many types are there? Owning straight and bright white teeth is an extremely popular cosmetic trend in recent years. porcelain crowns are considered a leading beauty method that brings immediate effects, turning dreams into reality in a short time. Because porcelain teeth now have a natural white color, absolute reflectivity and a much more beautiful shape than real teeth. So what is a porcelain crown? How many types of porcelain teeth are there?

What are porcelain crowns?

The porcelain crowns is a method of tooth restoration, using a porcelain crown to cover the pulp after it has been ground, helping to cover the entire real tooth. This method is often used to improve the condition of teeth that are chipped, broken, broken, severely stained enamel, weakened teeth due to decay, pulpitis, sparse teeth, underbite, mild protrusion. After restoration, you will own even, beautiful, bright white teeth.Porcelain crowns are a method of restoring teeth to overcome many tooth.

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How many types of porcelain crowns are there?

Porcelain crowns are increasingly improved with beautiful natural tooth colors. This method can make one or more teeth with different porcelain materials, namely:

Porcelain veneers with ordinary metal

The inner side of the porcelain crown is made of common metal such as Ni - Cr or Cr - Co, the outside is a thin layer of porcelain. The advantage of this type is its low cost, natural color. However, the disadvantage is that after a while, the teeth will be oxidized, the roots of the teeth are exposed to the black edge of the metal core, making the teeth look unsightly.

In addition, for people with metal allergies, this method of porcelain crowns may cause unwanted irritation.

Titanium metal porcelain crowns

This type of crown is made with the outer part as a thin layer of porcelain, the inner side made of titanium alloy. The advantage of this type is that it is benign and has a higher biocompatibility, so it is less likely to cause allergies like ordinary metal porcelain teeth. Besides the price is not too high, the tooth life is longer, but oxidation still occurs after a while, especially when viewed under light. 

Porcelain crowns with precious metals

Porcelain teeth of this type have a structure that includes the outside covered with porcelain, the inside is made from high-grade precious metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium, ... Precious metal, porcelain teeth completely eliminate disadvantages like porcelain teeth. Other metals that are hypoallergenic, do not discolor, very durable. However, the downside is the very high cost.

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Case Porcelain Crown at The East Rose Dental Clinic

Case Porcelain Crown at The East Rose Dental Clinic

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