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Toothaches often occur unexpectedly due to wisdom teeth, gum inflammation, cavities, among others, all of which cause you to suffer continuously. If you can’t visit your dentist right away, do you know any home remedies to soothe your pain?

According to statistics, over 3 billion people suffer from oral problems worldwide. Those numbers are increasing rapidly within the last few years. Toothaches affect people of all ages and can be caused by many factors.

Toothaches refer to the pain you feel either inside or around your teeth. Usually, toothaches are one of the signs indicating there’s something wrong with your teeth or gums. However, occasionally, toothaches aren’t caused by an oral disease but a problem with another body organ.

Never ignore toothaches. Toothaches caused by cavities may get worse without treatment. Toothaches often aren’t life-threatening. But sometimes, they may be the warning signs of a serious medical condition that requires emergency treatment.

Common causes of toothaches:

  • Cavities: are the leading cause. If left untreated, tooth abscess may occur. This is an infection of the area surrounding your teeth or the pulp inside your teeth. Visit your dentist right away if you think you have a tooth abscess. In some cases, the infection may spread to the brain, putting the patient’s life at risk.
  • Sinusitis: occurs when your sinuses are inflamed due to a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Since the roots of your upper teeth are close to your sinuses, they may hurt if you have sinusitis.
  • Heart disease and lung cancer: may also cause toothaches. Sometimes, toothaches may be a warning sign of a heart attack.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia and occipital neuralgia: refer to the painful neurological conditions which result in irritation and inflammation of the trigeminal and occipital nerves. These nerves cater to the skull, face, and teeth. When they are inflamed, the resulting pain may seem like it originates from your teeth.

Temporary solutions to toothaches may prove to be helpful in many cases.

Let’s take a look at these 8 home remedies for toothaches before your dental appointment!

8 home remedies

Although the home remedies mentioned above may help you relieve those frustrating toothaches, they only serve as temporary pain relief. Therefore, besides brushing twice per day, it’s important to visit your dentist right away when you experience tooth pain or swelling to get timely treatment.