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Taking advantage of the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has brought the most optimal treatment solutions in the dental field. The East Rose Dental Clinic is a pioneer in applying modern technology to oral and maxillofacial treatment, promising to bring the best experience to customers, helping to optimize the process of diagnosis, creating perfect smiles for patients.

A revolution in the dental field: when artificial intelligence contributes to the perfect smile

Below, we will summarize and delve into some important emerging applications of artificial intelligence technology in the dental field, including X-Guide Navigation Smile Design, Body Scan for implants and Trios 3D Scan.

X-Guide Navigation - pioneering technology in the art of implant surgery

Zygoma implant placement with the X-Guide Navigation machine represents a new step forward in dental treatment, bringing outstanding benefits in zygoma implant placement. X-Guide navigation surgery locates dental implants similar to using GPS while driving. The X-Guide system allows users to check data and view images for planning and implant surgery. This modern technology allows doctors to create treatment protocols and plan on 3D CBCT Scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) in the computer directly to the patient's mouth in real time with high accuracy

According to research by Dr. Robert and colleagues in 2016 showed that the accuracy of positioning technology (X-guide Navigation) is 11 times higher than that of traditional implant systems (without supporting devices). The results were published in a famous scientific publication of the American Academy of Dental Implantology. Thanks to this precision, implants using positioning technology are also easily performed, achieving high aesthetics and bearing capacity.

Smile Design based on AI: Creating the perfect smile

Digital Smile Design is a holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry that begins with taking photos and videos of the patient's face and smile. Through the combination of imaging and AI software technology, dental experts will create a 3D model of the future of the smile, focusing on every small detail.

Combining DSD with veneer and all-ceramic tooth treatment provides dual benefits, both providing a pre-treatment overview and creating a deeper understanding of the smile design process. DSD not only supports the process of making porcelain veneers but also applies to making all-ceramic teeth, helping patients have a radiant smile of the Hollywood Smile standard.

Implant Scan Body for Implant: Increases performance and safety

Implant Scan Body, also known as scan abutment, is a device similar in shape to the head of an Implant. The main task of body scanning is to create an accurate interface between the Implant and the 3D scanning environment. This allows the 3D scanner to identify the exact position of the Implant in the patient's teeth, helping to create a perfect digital model for future implantation and restoration.

Implant Scan Body is not only an important tool in dental implants but also marks an important step forward in the field of dentistry. From creating accurate digital models to designing plans and restorations, Implant Scan Body plays an important role in bringing smiles and a good quality of life to patients.

Trios 3D Scan: Diagnosis and treatment planning

With modern technology integrated with AI, 3D Trios helps you have a superior dental care experience compared to old dental methods using alginate or clear rubber. Below are some technological innovations that bring superiority to this device:

  • Automatically measures every angle, tooth size, and soft tissue in the mouth.
  • Fast scanning speed, producing 1000 images per second, helping to save time.
  • Scan samples and take digital impressions, creating precise and clear 3D models.
  • The compact scan head is easy to operate, disassemble, and sterilize.
  • Take extremely accurate bite impressions, scan before and after.
  • Scan the real tooth color and automatically compare the color without needing to spray contrast agent to help patients feel comfortable.
  • No need for marking material, and no need to retake the mark from the beginning if there is a change.

Artificial intelligence technology has changed traditional dental treatment methods. Since then, The East Rose Dental has taken advantage of the development of AI to provide patients with more effective and quality dental services than ever before. With the outstanding optimization of AI, patients not only have the opportunity to have a more impressive and beautiful smile, but also help the treatment process become more accurate.

Come to The East Rose Dental Clinic to explore a new world with promising applications of AI technology in dentistry. We will always strive and innovate to bring you the most perfect smile.