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Smile is the key to happiness, and The East Rose Dental Clinic understands the precious value of a confident smile. With the full-mouth All-on-4 treatment process, tooth loss is no longer a scary thing because we are committed to giving you a strong set of teeth and the most confident smile. Let's discover more about the full-mouth All On 4 treatment process right below.


1. Test and evaluate:

All-On-4 is the solution for patients with complete tooth loss who want to restore a completely new set of teeth. At The East Rose Dental Clinic, the most modern equipment is used for examination and diagnosis, including CT Conebean Scan 3D technology, 3D guide tray technology, and 3D software technology. Shape Unite, Blue Sky Plan, Exocad, X-Guide Navigation technology - help create accurate images of the position and angle of implant placement in the teeth. This is extremely useful in pre-implantation diagnosis, ensuring accuracy and predicting post-implantation outcomes. With the above technologies, experts can design an Implant placement plan suitable for each specific patient.

2. Plan treatment:

From 3D scan data, our team of dental experts will plan detailed implant placement and build a hypothetical gum structure, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency. From here, the doctor will also analyze how many implants to place, the size of the implant, porcelain teeth, and the appropriate price. Depending on the dental condition, customers can choose Implant All on 6 or Implant All on 4. Along with that, during this process, customers will have all their questions about Implant answered.

3. Carry out Implant treatment:

After choosing to restore teeth using the All on 4 or All on 6 method, the expert will take tooth impressions based on CAD/CAM cutting technique combined with Implant Scan Body technology. Before placing the implant, the customer will be anesthetized so they will not feel pain during the dental procedure. After that, the doctor will proceed to attach the upper and lower jaw pillars quickly and accurately, minimizing invasiveness. At the end of the abutment installation session, the dentist will attach a temporary dental bridge to ensure temporary chewing function for the customer.

In the later stages of treatment, the doctor will attach permanent porcelain teeth to the implant. These fixed porcelain teeth are manufactured entirely from CAM/CAM cut dental metal frames combined with separate Zirconia ceramics for each tooth, of high quality, with natural brightness just like real teeth, according to CAD techniques. /CAM is advanced, providing durable teeth and a confident smile.

The All-on-4 implant placement process at The East Rose Dental Clinic uses advanced technology, ensuring stability and high aesthetics, so customers are completely assured and confident.

Reasons you should choose The East Rose Dental for All on 4 Implant treatment

  1. Strong history: Established in 2000 has a history of more than 23 years of clinic operation. We have treated more than tens of thousands of cases including difficult and complex cases.
  2. Team of doctors:  Proud of a team which includes good doctors who experienced from 17 to 26 years in the profession. 
  3. High quality of treatment Positioned as a high-quality dental treatment at a reasonable cost. A team of experienced and qualified doctors, combined with the most modern equipment
  4. Reviews from customers:  The East Rose Dental Clinic is rated very honestly by customers and is ranked #51 globally and #2 in Vietnam with a GCR score of 4.16/5.0.
  5. Constantly updating and learning new technologies: The East Rose Dental Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment today
  6. Genuine products: The East Rose Dental clinic is committed to always using materials imported directly from the world's leading dental material companies 
  7. Listening to customers: The East Rose Dental Clinic always listens to understand the needs of customers and always puts the interests of customers first
  8. Slogan - From Good to Perfect: With the slogan “From Good to Perfect” is the goal that The East Rose Dental Clinic has been aiming for
  9. 5-star service attitude: All staff are trained according to clinic standards with a gentle and friendly attitude, always ready to listen, respect, and understand
  10. Strict infection control and hygiene process: The sterile and hygienic process at the clinic is meeted the sterility requirements according to European standards and the Health Department
  11. Reasonable price: The cost of treatment at The East Rose Dental Clinic is evaluated by customers as reasonable
  12. Peace of mind with a long-term warranty: Customers will be fully warranted and more than what the dentist has committed.

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Porcelain dental cases have been done at East Rose Dental Clinic

Case All on 6 at East Rose Dental Clinic

All On 4 Full Jaws Treatment Process At The East Rose Dental Clinic

Above is the entire All on 4 Implant treatment process at The East Rose Dental Clinic - the clinic trusted by many domestic and foreign customers. Wishing everyone will soon find healthy and beautiful teeth again.

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