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Implant All on 4 and All on 6

Implant methods such as All on 4 and All on 6 are advanced trends in the field of dental implants, bringing new opportunities for people who have lost teeth to restore their smile and quality of life. So what are the characteristics of these methods? Let's find out in detail in the article below! 

A few words about Implant All on 4 and Implant All on 6

All On 4 and All On 6 are methods to restore tooth loss in the entire jaw with 4 or 6 implants. The special feature of these techniques is the reduction in the number of implants needed while still ensuring complete chewing function for the patient. At the same time, these methods also bring cost savings and high aesthetics, meeting the need to restore lost teeth more effectively and naturally.

What is Implant All On 4?

All-on-4 Implant is a surgical method of placing four implant pillars into the jawbone to create a support structure for full-mouth dental restoration. Using titanium material, implants ensure compatibility with bone and apply advanced implant technology to ensure teeth are firmly fixed and have the same strength as real teeth.

What is Implant All On 6?

In the All On 6 Implant method, the doctor will use six implants made from titanium implanted into the jawbone: Four front implants are implanted straight, and two rear implants are angled with a maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees.. This creates a support structure strong enough for full-mouth restorations and ensures the stability of the implant system. 

What cases are All On 6 and All On 4 implants suitable for?

  • Loss of all teeth in the jaw.
  • Teeth with bone loss and looseness.
  • Patients wish to restore chewing function and aesthetics similar to those of natural teeth.
  • Overall health status is stable or well controlled.
  • Sufficient jaw bone for implant placement (in the case of insufficient bone grafting, surgery may be needed before or at the same time as implant placement).

All-on-6 is often preferred for restoring teeth on the lower jaw because the lower jaw bears more chewing force. However, it should be noted that performing All On 6 depends on the condition and quality of the jawbone.

Benefits of implants All on 4, Implant All on 6

  • Ensure chewing functions like real teeth: Both methods provide 4 to 6 implant pillars, helping to balance and distribute support force to the jaw muscles. This ensures that the patient can eat and drink without having to worry about loose teeth.
  • Prevent jaw bone loss: Implants are implanted into the jaw bone to help preserve the remaining bone, preventing rapid bone loss after losing all teeth.
  • Aesthetic restoration of the face: Both All On 4 and All On 6 bring high aesthetic results, helping to restore the full number of teeth on the jaw and creating a harmonious, natural smile.
  • Long service life: With proper care and cleaning, both methods can be used for a lifetime and function like real teeth.
  • Easy to clean and communicate: Implant dentures are fixed; do not fall or expose dentures, helping patients feel confident in communication and easy to clean daily.
  • Shorten treatment and recovery time: Instead of planting many teeth, both of these methods help restore the entire jaw with only 4-6 implants, thereby shortening surgery and recovery time and helping patients. Quickly regain confidence and quality of life.

Depending on each case, the dentist will decide whether you should have All on 4 or All on 6 implants. If you are wondering which clinic to choose, please visit The East Rose Dental Clinic to meet our experts and get the best support!

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Special offer up to 30% off All on 4/6 Dental Implants

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How long does the All on 4 Implant method last? Is it safe for patient ?
How long does the All on 4 Implant method last? Is it safe for patient ?

Today, to meet the needs and conditions of patients with tooth loss problems, the implant method has been developed with many different types, one of which can be mentioned is the All on 4 implant method. is considered as one of the preeminent solutions to thoroughly solve the patient's tooth loss

Will my all on 4 bridge look natural?
Will my all on 4 bridge look natural?

All On 4 uses only four dental implants to fix the entire prosthesis arch and restore a beautiful, natural smile to the patient

Benefits of zygomatic Implant in patients with severe bone loss
Benefits of zygomatic Implant in patients with severe bone loss

For patients with severe upper jaw resorption, extensive bone transplant procedures will prolong treatment. However, by placing zygoma implant in the zygomatic bone, the Zygoma implant system is able to respond immediately.

When is All-on-4 the best choice?
When is All-on-4 the best choice?

Five to 10 years ago, most patients did not know that All-on-4 - fixed jaw implant bridges - existed. Today, patients often ask for this treatment, but are they always in your best interest? Each implant case is different, and it is important that doctors evaluate these five factors BEFORE making a final recommendation for All-on-4 treatment.

What is all on 4 plus? Advantages of all on 4 plus
What is all on 4 plus? Advantages of all on 4 plus

If you are interested in the implant all on 4 implant method, you will want to learn more about the all on 4 plus technique, which is considered to have more advanced changes than the conventional all on 4. So, what are the advantages of all on 4 plus technology?

Learn about Implant All on 4 Restoration
Learn about Implant All on 4 Restoration

All on 4 Restoration refers to the immediate replacement teeth, giving you many benefits such as low warranty and maintenance costs; easy to clean, shortened treatment duration,...