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Porcelain veneers are one of the most preferred cosmetic dentistry procedures when it comes to realizing the dream of a beautiful set of teeth and the most radiant, confident smile.

In addition to common problems such as cavities or periodontitis, many people go to their dentist seeking a cosmetic solution for other dental flaws. Porcelain veneers help you achieve this goal quickly. However, before deciding to go through with this cosmetic dentistry procedure, it’s best to learn more about porcelain veneers and its procedure.

What are dental crowns?

Porcelain dental crown is the technique of using one or more dentures of the same shape, color, and size as the real teeth but does not have the inner intestine to cover the real teeth to serve. functional rehabilitation as well as chewing teeth.

mão răng

In the process of crowning, real teeth will act as a protective pillar to help fix and fill the void of porcelain crowns. If real teeth are not trimmed, porcelain crowns will not be able to stand on the arch of the jaw, because porcelain crowns are quite thick and thin which can be harmful to the patient's dental health.

Who should get a dental crown?

Those who fall into any of the following categories can choose ceramic crowns for treatment, including:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Significant gaps between the teeth
  • The teeth are out of shape, causing teeth misalignment
  • Teeth discolored by a variety of factors, such as root canal treatment, side effects of tetracycline antibiotics or other drugs, teeth with excess fluoride, too large fillings of teeth to discolor natural teeth ...

In addition, porcelain crowns are also used in combination with implant methods to recover lost teeth, and also support the bridge.

Why should you get a dental crown?

Advantages of porcelain veneers include:

  • Porcelain crown looks very natural
  • Gum tissues tolerate porcelain veneers well
  • Porcelain veneer surface has good anti-staining properties
  • Porcelain veneers offer perfect cosmetic elegance
  • No need for a complex restorative procedure

However, porcelain veneers come with certain drawbacks:

  • Relatively high cost
  • A tendency to crack or break if you have a habit of grinding your teeth or biting hard objects, etc.

Dental crown procedure

For porcelain veneers, you will need at least two-three visits, depending on the numbers of teeth and their condition. Besides, although this procedure is relatively simple, it still requires a highly experienced dentist, modern facilities and standardized protocols for the best results.  

Here’s a typical dental veneer procedure:

  1. Assessment and consultation
  2. Tooth reshaping
  3. Picking a color
  4. Taking dental impressions
  5. Temporary dental fillings
  6. Evaluation of compatibility
  7. Veneer placement

For an in-depth explanation, please visit this article: What you should know about dental crown procedure

Dental crown duration

In the case of patients without dental diseases, good oral health, a dental crown procedure takes from 2-4 days with 2 appointments.

  • First appointment: the dentist will do a general checkup, oral hygiene, local anesthesia, and dentures. It takes about 20 minutes to reshape the teeth, after which the doctors will take teeth color and the impression of the jaw and send this information to the Lab to design porcelain crowns for you. To ensure aesthetics and protection for the real tooth you will have a temporary denture.
  • The 2nd appointment is 2 to 4 days since the first appointment. The doctor will place the crown on your teeth to check the size, bite joints, aesthetic colors, ... if you are satisfied, it will be fixed.
  • Some cases of porcelain crowns take a long time due to customers having dental diseases that require definite treatment or there are lots of teeth to crown.

Is porcelain crown durable?

Porcelain teeth usually last from 7 to 15 years. However, how long a ceramic crown is used depends on many factors:

The strength of a porcelain tooth depends on the construction material

On the market, there are many types of porcelain teeth such as metal porcelain teeth, titanium porcelain teeth, all-porcelain teeth, zirconia porcelain teeth, ... Metal porcelain teeth have a shelf life of fewer than 10 years, all-porcelain teeth have better durability, life expectancy can last up to 15 years or more if you take care and preserve it properly.

Technology for installing porcelain teeth and supporting machines

At reputable dentistry, doctors with many years of experience and high expertise in teeth restoration with the support of modern medical equipment will help your porcelain teeth have the highest durability, limiting the complications that might occur after crowns.

Care regime and living habits

Proper oral hygiene (using a soft bristle brush, brushing your teeth 2 times a day, at least 2 minutes each time, ...), a reasonable diet (no alcohol, no cigarettes, avoid eating High acidic foods, ...) following your doctor's instructions and regular follow-up visits will maintain the durability of porcelain teeth.

Dental crown cost

You may take a look at this cost guide to estimate the cost of dental crowns. Besides, you may need to pay more if there are problems such as cavity treatment, dental imaging, etc.  

Treatment Type Unit Price in VND Price in USD Price in AUD
Porcelain fused to NI-CR metal Crown (Dentsply - Germany) 1 Tooth 1.500.000 66 83
Porcelain fused to Titanium metal Crown 1 Tooth 3.000.000 132 167
Porcelain fused to CR-CO metal Crown (Dentsply - Germany) 1 Tooth 4.000.000 184 236
Full ceramic zirconia CAD/CAM Crown (No metal)
Full Ceramic Zirconia CAD/CAM ( No metal) Crown - Dental Direct - USA / Multi-Layer - Japan 1 Tooth 6.000.000 285 365
Full Cercon or Zirconium CAD/CAM( No metal) crown - (Zolid/ Dentsply - Germany) 1 Tooth 6.500.000 307 393
Full Cercon or Zirconium CAD/CAM(No metal) crown - HT Crown Lava Plus - 3M (Dentsply - Germany) 1 Tooth 7.000.000 308 389
Precious Metal Porcelain Crown / Bridge
Porcelain fused to Pala (3% Au, 61% Pd) Crown 1 Tooth 6.200.000 273 344
Porcelain fused to Semi-precious metal (40% Au, 39.4 % Pd) Crown 1 Tooth 8.500.000- 10.500.000 374 - 463 472 - 583
Porcelain fused to Precious metal (74% Au, 7.6 % Pd) Crown 1 Tooth 13.500.000 - 15.000.000 595 - 661 750 - 833

A dental crown case at The East Rose Dental Clinic

khách hàng bọc mão răng sứ
Before 20 dental crowns
khách hàng bọc mão răng sứ
After 20 dental crowns

If you are wondering whether or not to wear porcelain teeth, do not worry, because the likelihood of complications is extremely low and this is a service that many people choose because of its high beauty efficiency. Look carefully at the prestigious dental porcelain clinic as well as the preliminary cost there.


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