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Are porcelain braces really as good as rumors?

Braces are a safe, long-term orthodontic solution that can be applied to children from 12 years of age and older. Braces appliances are increasingly improved to both aesthetics and ensure the orthodontic effect like metal braces. Among them, ceramic braces are chosen by many people. So what are the advantages of this method of braces?

1. What are porcelain braces?

Basically, porcelain braces are not different from traditional metal braces. This system includes metal arches, brackets made from pure porcelain and specialized appliances. However, brackets made from porcelain are the same color as the teeth to help increase the aesthetics of the user.

Porcelain braces use porcelain material to make brackets

2. How many types of porcelain braces are there?

Currently, porcelain braces are divided into 3 types as follows:

Classic porcelain braces: Appeared around the 2000s, however, due to the undeveloped technology, porcelain is fragile, falling, prolonging the time of braces due to high friction. Currently this line of braces no longer appears on the market.

Aesthetic porcelain braces: Thanks to technological advancements, porcelain materials are stronger, less friction, and as durable as metal braces, so the time of braces is also shortened.

Self-closing ceramic braces: As the most modern method that brings fast results, automatic brackets slide without elastic to help increase aesthetics, easy to clean, and accelerate results.

In addition, the wire is also divided into 2 types which are:

Stainless steel arch wire: Highly durable, the ability to adjust teeth is very good, but the aesthetics are not high, clearly visible when smiling.

Clear nickel wire: It is white, so it is aesthetically pleasing, less exposed, but the hardness is not equal to the stainless steel bowstring, so the braces time may be longer.

Self-closing ceramic braces are the most modern method

3. Advantages of ceramic braces

  • High aesthetics: Pure porcelain has the same color as the teeth, so when communicating with braces, it does not affect the aesthetics too much.
  • Adjustment of many teeth conditions: People who have problems with teeth such as overbite, underbite, crooked, misaligned, sparse... can all be significantly improved thanks to this method of braces.
  • Easier oral hygiene: Ceramic braces have a more compact and special design than metal braces, so daily cleaning is also easier.
  • Limiting oral mucosal scratches: At first, when wearing braces, users often encounter a situation where the arch wire and brackets rub against the oral mucosa causing scratches. Ceramic braces with many improvements help reduce this situation much more than metal braces.
  • Affordable cost: Compared with many other orthodontic methods, ceramic braces are affordable but still bring desirable results.

The biggest advantage of ceramic braces is that they are aesthetically pleasing

4. Disadvantages of ceramic braces

There is no single method that is optimal and has no drawbacks. With ceramic braces, you may also encounter some of the following problems:

  • Bracket breakage: Many people worry that ceramic braces will break during use when there is a strong impact. However, with the continuous improvement of materials, now ceramic braces are not inferior to metal. So you can rest assured.
  • Braces loosening: Even metal brackets can cause this to happen because the connection between the brackets and the archwire is stretched. As a precaution, you just need to visit the dental clinic periodically for the doctor to adjust.
  • Discomfort: Any method of braces in the first time will make you feel clumsy and uncomfortable. However, with ceramic braces, this feeling does not cause too much inconvenience, after about a week you will get used to it.

5. How long does it take to get porcelain braces?

The time of porcelain braces is fast or slow depending on the condition of the teeth. Normally, for those of you who have problems with protruding, underbite, sparse, slightly misaligned teeth, the time of braces is about 1-2 years. However, if the level is more complicated, the time can be extended up to 3 years.

In addition, the most ideal and most effective age when braces are from 12 to 18 because the jaw structure is still soft, easier to change than the older age.

The time of braces is fast or slow depending on the condition of the teeth

6. Cost of braces with ceramic braces

Currently, the cost of porcelain braces in dental units ranges from 30-60 million VNĐ. Why is there this difference?

  • The first is about the quality of the ceramic materials and the arch wire used during the braces.
  • Secondly, the type of braces with ceramic braces. As information above, currently, there are two types of ceramic braces: aethetics porcelain braces and self-closing porcelain braces, the second type is more modern, so the price will be higher than type 1.
  • Third, depending on the misalignment of the teeth also affects the time as well as the cost of braces. For those who are suffering from dental diseases, they will need to be treated before getting braces. As a result, costs including medical treatment will increase.
  • Fourth, large dental centers with a team of highly qualified doctors and technicians, trained from abroad, perform with modern facilities and equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. The results and aesthetics are much better than those of small, unsecured centers.

The cost of porcelain braces in dental units ranges from 30-60 million VND

Currently, The East Rose Dental Clinic - the most modern dental aesthetic center in Vietnam is currently providing porcelain braces service by a team of doctors trained at prestigious medical university. domestic and international as well as modern facilities.

The cost of porcelain braces at the East Rose Dental Clinic is 40,000,000 - 55,000,000 VND. This price is currently applied to the whole process of braces, including the cost of examination, consultation, bracket replacement, ...


The East Rose Dental Clinic is the most modern dental aesthetic center in Vietnam

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