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For patients with severe upper jaw resorption, extensive bone transplant procedures will prolong treatment. However, by placing zygoma implant in the zygomatic bone, the Zygoma implant system is able to respond immediately. This significantly shortens the duration of treatment to increase patient satisfaction and allows patients with severe upper jaw bone resorption to return to a normal quality of life.

Benefits of zygomatic Implant in patients with severe bone loss
Benefits of zygomatic Implant in patients with severe bone loss

Benefits of the zygomatic implant

High stability for instant functional restoration

The Zygoma implant is designed to aid in immediate restoration. This allows patients with severe upper jaw bone loss to be able to attach a temporary or permanent restoration immediately after surgery, avoiding an average waiting time of 9 months and not having to undergo multiple implantation surgery. 
Temporary restorations are beneficial for both the patient and the clinician. The absence of soft tissue compression after surgery will help the patient more comfortable because the prosthesis is supported by the implant, not by the soft tissue of the surgical area. Patient confidence is significantly improved because the temporary prosthesis is fixed immediately after surgery, allowing patients to talk more comfortably, chew better and improve their ability to feel food. 
For clinicians, immediate prosthetics also help provide practical feedback on the "quality" of the Phase II joint integration. If the implants remain stationary at Stage II, the clinician can confidently complete the last permanent restoration.
Patients must receive adequate and reasonable care instruction to help ensure the success of the treatment plan with immediate restorations.
Other benefits of immediate rehabilitation with zygomatic Implant include less clinical examination and less invasive intervention compared to other implantation procedures. One study also found that the clinical outcome of the zygomatic postoperative soft tissue implants appeared to be similar to that for conventional dental implants in terms of plaque index, bleeding index, and pocket depth probe.

Flexibility in surgery

Built on the foundation of 25 years of success with zygomatic implant. The Zygoma Implant is designed to be immobilized in the zygomatic bone and offers an excellent solution for the treatment of patients with total molar loss and severe upper jaw resorption. The thread less implant body is designed to be in contact and is well compatible with soft tissue and depending on the anatomical situation; the implants can be placed outside the maxillary sinus. For the position outside the upper jaw, the crown of the implant still must have supporting bone.
Zygoma implant has three main benefits. First, they allow high initial stability, which is important for instant restorations. Second, the implant body does not have a thread that connects well with the soft tissue. Finally, thanks to two different implant angles, our approach to the prosthesis is more flexible. This is a very important step forward in zygomatic technology. "

Help to treat the patient better 

The zygomatic implant is an implant for patients with total tooth loss and severe upper jaw bone resorption. Without this method, patients would need invasive bone transplants to ensure sufficient bone volume for conventional implants. The Zygomatic Implant helps to avoid bone grafting and shortens the treatment time, providing significant functional and aesthetic improvements after surgery.
Dr. Rubén Davó agrees: “After the zygomatic treatment, the patient's quality of life has improved dramatically. Before treatment, these patients have oral disabilities, which greatly affect psychological, social and functional problems. In my experience, after the treatment, their quality of life can return to normal. That is remarkable."



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