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Where to get the best dental implants is likely the question that has been haunting anyone who wants to restore their lost teeth. A low-quality service may put you at risk of complications such as infection, allergy, or post-op oral conditions. Then, how to find a reputable clinic and avoid those risks?

What makes a good dental implant clinic?

As of today, many hospitals and dental clinics offer dental implantation; however, not all of them are created equal. To pick a good dental implant clinic, pay attention to the following 5 criteria.

1. Certification of expertise

When evaluating the credibility of a dental clinic, one of the criteria is third-party certification. It serves as a guarantee for the quality of services provided by the said clinic. Go for clinics with certificates from reliable dentist rating sites such as dentistry.com or dentalimplantsfriends.com.

2. Raving reviews

Before coming into a dental clinic for an implant, it’s recommended to check out service quality by browsing through their track records. Besides the aforementioned certificates, these track records are valuable in determining the credibility of a dental clinic.

You may have a look at previous patients’ reviews and case photos from the dental clinic you are interested in. This will you the big picture regarding the quality of the clinic as well as the dentist who will take care of you. This allows you to be less anxious during your visit.

When reading reviews, pay attention to see if the dentists actually try to help their patients relax during their visits. Are they willing to explain all the procedures? Do they fully disclose the side effects and complications of dental implantation and the medication used?

3. Highly experienced dentists

dentist doing dental implant

Many dentists just attend short courses to learn the basic steps of dental implantation. This isn’t enough considering the needs and health risks vary from patient to patient.

To have a successful implantation procedure, you need a dentist with extensive training in dental implantation. They are capable of dealing with possible complications during the procedure and coming up with an appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.

Therefore, always visit the website of the clinic you are interested in to learn about the educational background of their dentists. A reputable clinic is one that has many dentists well trained in dental implantation, including all the essential courses, both theory, and practice. International fellowships are a plus.

4. Advanced equipment

To be certified for dental implantation, a clinic must have CT scanners and X-ray machines so the dentists can have 3D images of your facial and maxillary structure.

The images help your dentist to come up with an implantation plan suitable for you without carrying out minor surgical steps to determine your jaw structure. This lessens the pain you have to endure, allowing shorter recovery time and fewer follow-ups.

5. General health exam before implantation

A competent dentist will give you a general health exam and order X-rays before the implantation since not everyone is eligible for this procedure. In addition, this step also helps your dentist make a more accurate treatment plan.

When choosing a dental implant clinic, you should find out about the actual procedure that the clinic uses. A safe procedure must include an overall health exam, evaluation of your oral health and the sites of lost teeth, as well as defining the treatment plan. Dental clinics that don’t cover these steps can’t be trusted for great implant results.

The East Rose Dental’s implantation services

At The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic), you may enjoy a safe dental implantation experience with all the 5 criteria mentioned above.

1. Certificates: The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) is certified by reputable dental health sites such as Whatclinic.

certificates in dental implant

2. Patients’ reviews: Most patients who have used The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic)’s implant services experience total satisfaction and wish to come back and refer their friends to this clinic.

good reviews for dental implant service

3. Highly experienced dentists: The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic)’s team of dentists has profound expertise, especially in dental implantation. Many of them have held fellowships and conducted research in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, France, among others.

experienced dentists in dental implant

4. Advanced equipment: The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) is equipped with smart Cone Beam Dental CT scanners (CTCB smart), allowing the survey of 3D images of the face and jaw. This device helps your dentist detect any oral diseases without causing any pain in the process.

advanced equipment for dental implant

5.  Full step exam routine: At The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic), a dental implantation procedure starts with a general health exam and proper oral health check which are necessary to give you the most suitable treatment plant.

dental implant full step examination


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