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Where to get teeth whitening is the question lingering in the mind of many people with stained, discolored, or blacked teeth. Yellow-stained, discolored, or blacked teeth make your smile less graceful and shake your confidence whenever you communicate with others. To improve this issue, you can whiten your teeth at home using baking soda, teeth-whitening powder, or toothpaste.

At-home teeth whitening actually takes a lot of time and energy, is not guaranteed regarding safety, and may not grant you the white, shiny teeth you expect.

Therefore, if you want to have white, shiny teeth, you should go to a trustworthy dental clinic so a skilled dentist can examine your teeth and detect the cause of discoloration. This helps them decide the suitable and efficient teeth whitening treatment for you.

Causes of staining and discoloration

Before answering the question of where to get your teeth whitened, let’s get into where the staining and discoloration come from. Many factors can cause teeth to become yellow or discolored. In fact, your yellow, discolored teeth are part of the aging process. You may not know this but the truth is, when your hair gets gray and your skin has age spots, your tooth dentin also experiences coloration.

The color of your tooth dentin gets darker over time while your tooth enamel tends to get thinner due to abrasion from chewing and biting on foods or exposure to acidic foods and drinks. Your discolored dentin will be reflected through your enamel layer (as a prism), making your teeth look yellow.

Besides aging, your teeth can become yellow and discolored due to the following factors:

  • Use of tetracycline – a powerful antibiotic – before the age of 10
  • Damaged teeth (broken, cracked, chipped) as a result of an accident or improper brushing
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride
  • Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) – a rare dental disorder that causes teeth to turn yellow or brown
  • Genetic factors
  • History of amalgam or mercury tooth filling

If your teeth become yellow or discolored due to any of the above causes, you need to receive teeth whitening at a trustworthy dental clinic with modern equipment.

Moreover, your tooth enamel can become yellow or discolored as a result of the habit of drinking tea, coffee, wine, and dark-colored soft drinks and smoking. As this will not affect the internal color of the dentin, you can “wipe out” these stains with teeth-whitening toothpaste.

Learn about teeth whitening procedure

best place to get teeth whitening

There are two ways to whiten teeth: teeth whitening to change the inner tooth color (intrinsic teeth whitening) and teeth whitening by removing the stains on the tooth surface.

1. Intrinsic teeth whitening

Your dentist will perform internal teeth whitening by whitening the dentin or the inner side of your teeth with hydrogen peroxide gel (also called whitening gel). This will help your teeth become whiter.

There are many other intrinsic teeth whitening methods involving protecting your teeth from early aging or slowing down the aging process. Not only do lifestyle changes like drinking adequate amounts of water can prevent acids in the mouth from eroding teeth but they also help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Once the dentin has been whitened, the color reflected through the outer enamel layer will become lighter, making your teeth look whiter and shinier.

2. Extrinsic teeth whitening

Extrinsic whitening is actually the method of eliminating stains and plaque stuck on the tooth enamel (the outer part of teeth).

Stains left on the teeth surface due to the habit of smoking, drinking wine, tea, coffee, or dark-colored drinks are usually removed easily by dental cleaning professionals. They will clean your tooth surface with a polisher and toothpaste during the procedure.

Nonetheless, make sure to have your teeth whitened by skilled professionals at trustworthy dental clinics to avoid dangerous complications, such as gum tearing which may result in gum inflammation, overuse of whitening chemicals that lead to tooth sensitivity.

Which teeth whitening option is right for you?

1. At-home teeth whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth, you can do it at home using baking soda, lemons, strawberries, or teeth-whitening toothpaste.

Do you know that teeth-whitening toothpaste helps brighten your teeth by wearing away your tooth enamel? Whitening toothpaste actually erodes your enamel more than normal toothpaste and, thus, helps remove certain stains on your tooth surface efficiently.

Teeth-whitening toothpaste can eliminate the plaque stuck on your tooth surface but cannot change the color of your dentin. Make sure not to use whitening toothpaste more than a few times per week to protect your teeth and gums.

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2. In-office teeth whitening

Unlike hair, your nails and teeth are living tissues. This means improper teeth whitening can result in tooth damage, pain, and sensitivity. Therefore, it is best that you have your teeth whitened at trustworthy dental clinics with skilled dental cleaning professionals. 

Moreover, if you want to have your teeth whitened in a short time, in-office whitening is the best choice. This will not only bring you the white, shiny teeth you expect but also reduce the risk of tooth and gum damage. You should receive teeth whitening at a reliable dental clinic with qualified dentists to minimize the risk of injured, yellow, and discolored teeth due to the accelerated chemical reactions during the procedure.

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Where should you receive teeth whitening?

Most people would ask their friends or family where they should have their teeth whitened or search for trustworthy dental clinics online to place their trust. In reality, this will not always help you find a reliable dental clinic with modern equipment and a team of well-trained dentists to bring you your desired white, shiny teeth.

A good dental clinic for teeth whitening should meet the following requirements:

1. Following the standard sterilization regulations issued by the Ministry of Health.

2. A team of skilled dentists who have been well and intensively trained at well-known specialized training institutes. These dentists are:

  • Willing to update new knowledge from the top international dental associations and participate in global dental conventions.
  • Well trained in applying advanced technology into in-office treatment.

3. Spacious office with modern whitening technology and equipment such as laser teeth-whitening machine, Piezo teeth cleaning machine, and standard dental chairs.

4. Reasonable cost ranging from about 2,700,000 VND to 4,600,000 VND.

The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) hopes that with the useful information provided in this article, you will have your answer regarding where to receive teeth whitening and can find a reliable dental clinic to place your trust.

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