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Front teeth with a gap not only affect the aesthetics of the entire face but also have a significant impact on chewing function as well as oral hygiene issues. So can we use the usual dental fillings treatment to fix the gap between the teeth? Let's find out if you really need any dental filling treatment as well as what to keep in mind when taking care of your teeth.

In which case your diastema could be fixed?

dental filling fix diastema

The gap between the two front teeth is due to the teeth of the jaws which are not close to each other, creating a big or small distance depending on the misalignment of the teeth. Some common causes of diastema are permanent teeth growing underneath the gums, smaller teeth compared to the jaw, tongue thrusting or finger sucking habits, etc.

If you have a diastema, it will affect the aesthetics, especially when smiling broadly. At that time, you may want to get an esthetic dental bonding to reduce the gap between the teeth.

Following a regular dental filling procedure, the dentist will anesthetize and clean the teeth. The dentist will then bring the fillings to the gaps and use a blue curing light for about 40 seconds to harden the fillings. Finally, the filling surfaces will be smoothed and polished so that you can feel no high spots.

Dental bonding process usually uses composite materials whose colors are close to those of the real teeth. Besides, it could help perform the treatment quickly. A normal direct dental bonding process will take about 20 - 30 minutes and varies depending on the condition of the teeth and the filling material.

Only apply dental bonding if the space between your front teeth is less than 2mm. In the case of a larger gap, the front teeth will look quite large and unbalanced after bonding, so the dentist often advises you to switch to other techniques such as porcelain veneers, removable veneers, or orthodontic braces.

What to keep in mind if you fix diastema?

To achieve the best effect, you should carefully learn about the filling materials and follow the instructions for dental care after treatment.

  • Pay attention to eating: In the first two hours after treatment, you should not eat or drink anything so that the filling material reaches an adequate hardness while adapting to the teeth. You should also avoid eating hard, chewy, sticky foods for at least two weeks and never use front teeth to open food bags or bottle caps.
  • Practice proper dental hygiene: You need to brush your teeth with a soft-bristle brush gently to avoid wearing or distorting the filling material. After eating, especially high-sugar foods, rinse out your mouth immediately. If mouthwash is not available, you can use plenty of water to gargle with.
  • Visit dentists regularly: You will need to have your fillings checked every 6 months to see if the filling is still certain, besides a general checkup of your oral health. If there is something wrong with the filling, the dentist will soon step in to help out and prevent the teeth from worsening.

Dental filling technique for your front teeth not only helps you regain confidence but also significantly improves the chewing function of the teeth. Go to a high-quality dental clinic with good dental skills and modern equipment to make sure your filling can last for a long time.

To fix your gap teeth, The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) will assist you right from the consultation and examination step to choose the best treatment. In particular, you will learn more about dental fillings and filling materials, as well as how to take care of the filling to get a fine set of teeth as you wish.

The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) is a choice if you want to find the best treatment for oral problems since we have a team of highly qualified doctors and dedicated staff that could bring you a comfortable experience. Modern equipment combined with advanced dental techniques will make dental treatment soothing and yield satisfactory results.



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