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A misaligned chin will disrupt the balance of facial features where the nose is the center line, which makes your appearance less beautiful and luxurious. So how to correct the deviation chin to help regain a standard face with harmonious lines? Is the chin correction method effective or not?

1. What is a deviated chin?

A misaligned chin is a condition in which the chin bone is disproportionate to the facial axis and tends to shift to the left or right side. The facial axis is defined as the straight line connecting from the center of the forehead to the axis of the nose, through the middle of the lips, and to the middle of the chin. Deviation from the face axis will determine the deviation of the chin, with cases where the chin is greatly deviated, it is easy to recognize the imbalance from the front view.

Simulation image of a deviated chin

2. Causes of a deviated chin

The most common causes of a misaligned chin are:


Due to an accident, severe trauma.

Due to the failure of plastic surgery when applying inappropriate techniques, inexperienced doctors, poor quality of chin fillers, and improper post-operative care.

A lopsided chin makes the face less beautiful

3. Methods of correcting a lopsided chin

The deviation of the chin seriously affects the appearance of the patient, there is no makeup or beauty measure that can overcome this defect. People has face with a deviated chin often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Besides, they are also worried about bad luck according to anthropology such as hard life, unlucky love...

Currently, the only solution to correct a misaligned chin in a comprehensive, safe and effective way is plastic surgery to correct the deviation of the chin. To carry out plastic surgery to correct the deviation of the chin, bring the chin to a balanced state to help the face be in harmony, the doctors will conduct V-line chin implant. This is a method of bringing the chin filler inward and filling in the predetermined gaps.

Plastic surgery to correct the deviation of the chin is the only method to help you correct the defect of the chin

With the development of beauty technology, the surgery to correct the deviation of the chin is now easy and safe. Therefore, those of you with a deviated chin can regain your self-confidence when overcoming a deviated chin to create balance for the face. Note that when choosing a clinic to perform orthopedic chin deviation, you must choose a reputable one, with good service quality and a team of qualified and skilled doctors.

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