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The slim VLine chin trend is getting a lot of attention from both women and men. It is difficult to judge the standard face of VLine just by looking at the naked eye. The following article will help you get the criteria to evaluate a standard VLine chin.

Criteria to evaluate the standard face of VLine

The face is evaluated as VLine standard when it has harmonious and balanced features. However, not everyone possesses all those beauties, a harmonious face depends on many factors of which the most important is the chin.

According to cosmetologists, the length of the chin is only 1/3 of the overall length of the face, which is called a beautiful chin. And the face will be divided into three equal parts to make the opposite person feel the harmony and balance on that face, which is called the VLine chin that many people dream of.

1- VLine standard face ensures a harmonious balance of angular lines

For those of you who prefer the Korean VLine standard face, the chin will have to be slim and downward, not too pointed and not too bony. At the same time, the correct chin shape should be located on a straight line from the top of the head connecting the top of the nose and the top of the chin. In addition, the overall face must ensure that the chin and jawbone are slim, not angular and harmoniously balanced.

However, Asians have a common feature that is possessing a slightly receding or square chin. Therefore, to solve this situation, you can use the modern VLine chin implant method. Using this method is not too complicated, safe but can help you get the most lovely and lovely face.


Is VLine surgery difficult and dangerous?

This is a surgical method that directly interferes with the structure and shape of the bones, so it will definitely make customers worry. However, if you can learn more about VLine chin reduction technology, you can be assured of its safety and effectiveness.


2- VLine chin surgery is performed on modern machines

Currently, thanks to the advancement of machines, the application of science and technology, and the qualifications of the doctors and nurses, it is possible to shorten the time required to perform VLine chin surgery. Therefore, minimizing the bad damage to other areas as well as the faster recovery process. The surgical process is much simpler, highly effective and does not pose any danger to health or beauty.

Does V Line facelift hurt?

Many people wish to have a standard VLine face but are afraid of pain. You can rest assured because before the surgery, the doctors have administered anesthesia to put you in an unconscious condition, without feeling anything.

Therefore, during the VLine facelift surgery, you will not have to feel any pain. You will feel slight pain after the surgery, but this will quickly disappear when the doctor prescribes pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs for you. Wounds also heal quickly and rest assured about your safety.

How much does V Line facelift cost?

By applying 3D endoscopic VLine chin reduction technique and modern equipment, combined with the high skill of the doctor, chin surgery is faster and safer.

Depending on each surgical facility, facility, equipment, and machinery, there will be different prices. But there will be 3 factors that determine the price of VLine chin reduction:

  • Before surgery: Fees for doctor's examination, consultation and tests to assess health status.
  • During surgery: Fees for the doctor's team to perform, medical equipment, supplies, drugs, machines,...
  • Post-operative care: Fees for follow-up care at the hospital and fees for periodic follow-up visits.

3- Depending on each facility conditions, there are different prices for VLine surgery

According to references at cosmetic hospitals, the price of VLine chin reduction usually ranges from 40 to 50 million VND. So if there is a need, be prepared mentally, physically and financially to perform the surgery successfully.

 How many years to cut the chin?

VLine chin surgery has an impact on cutting the chin bone, so the effect is long-lasting. There are many customers who keep the beautiful VLine chin shape after surgery permanently and without any problems. And there are also many customers who do not know how to take care of them, their health is not good, so they often have some complications.

However, it also depends on the location and care of each person, whether or not chin reduction is permanent. One piece of advice for you after trimming your chin is to regularly visit your doctor for regular check-ups to get instructions on how to best take care of your face to have a standard VLine face.

4- VLine chin surgery depends on the location and care of each customer

Above is all the information about the VLine standard face evaluation criteria and answers to questions about chin reduction. Hope you will find a reputable address for successful surgery. From there, be confident with your balanced, charming and pretty face.



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