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If you have an unbalanced chin shape, not as beautiful as expected such as: Chin shifting, protruding, too short or too long ... The East Rose Dental tells you the following 2 methods to have a harmonious and elegant chin in just 1safe and quick surgery without leaving scars:

  • Genioplasty 
  • Chin implant

Sliding genioplasty and chin implant are both methods aimed at adjusting the shape of the chin, creating a slim, balanced V line or oval face. However, the two methods have different material and implementation techniques.

What is Genioplasty?

Sliding Genioplasty is a method that helps to change the shape of the chin by surgical intervention directly on the chin bone. Using Korean technology, the doctor cut the bone, pushed the entire chin block forward or backward to achieve the desired chin shape. 
Sliding Genioplasty surgery is performed under general sedation. The specialist performed a small incision just inside the oral mucosa, dissected to create a chin cavity and determined the appropriate location of the chin bone cut.
Next, the doctor pushes the chin bone toward after cutting out (or backward), shaping the balance and splinting the bone.
The doctor sutured the incision and apply chin and face compresses 

What is a Chin implant?

  • By the method of general sedation, the doctor cuts the chin bone at the position that was drawn, slides the bone forward or back to get a beautiful V-line chin. The doctor will cut the artificial pad before attaching them to the chin area to create a beautiful chin shape as desired and then fix the chin area with a bone brace.
  • The doctor sutured the incision and apply chin and face compresses 

The two surgical methods of sliding the chin on its own and artificial chin implant both have advantages and disadvantages. Through direct examination, doctors will specify the most suitable orthopedic solution for each client's condition. 

What is the V-line surgery procedure?

What is the V-line surgery procedure?

Sliding Genioplasty must be performed in accordance with international standard procedures, ensuring medical safety factors of the Ministry of Health. Doctors perform autologous chin and bone implants including 5 steps:
Step 1: Assess the customer status
After directly examining the patient, the doctor gives the chin area defects and advises on the most effective remedy.
Step 2: Check the health, measure the surgical site
Before having surgery, the patient must have a good health check. During the test: blood, urine, ... If the patient is found to be abnormal, suffering from chronic and cardiovascular diseases, the Sliding Genioplasty surgery must be cancelled. 
Step 3: Anesthesia
After the successful blood test, the anesthesiologist helps the patient feel comfortable and pain-free while the surgery is taking place.
Step 4: Perform Sliding Genioplasty surgery
Specialist qualified and skilled jaw doctors perform surgery quickly. Each operation is precise and meticulous in accordance with modern Korean techniques.
Step 5: Stitch the incision, compress the chin area
The incision inside the oral mucosa is aesthetically stitched. Finally, the bandage presses the chin area and the entire face in place.

Information you need to know before Sliding Genioplasty

1. Is it painful? How long does it take to heal?

A few hours after Sliding Genioplasty, patient gradually felt pain in the chin area and the entire face when the anesthetic is gone,
In the first days, the patient’s face will have the phenomenon of swelling, bruising, a feeling of numbness and tightness in the chin, face area.
After only 5-7 days, the above phenomena will gradually decrease and disappear completely. During this time, the patient should clean and change the dressing according to the doctor's instructions.
After 1 month of the V line surgery, the customer removes the brace, the chin area fully recovers, stabilizes the face of a naturally beautiful face.

2. Is Sliding Genioplasty permanent?

Most customers after Sliding Genioplasty results in stability, long term over time. The maxillofacial specialist affirms: "If the patient complies with the proper care regimen, periodic re-examination, the result of the Sliding Genioplasty is completely permanent".
Note: The length of time the chin can be kept by the bones itself is different depending on each person!

3. Is Sliding Genioplasty dangerous?

Some customers may experience the phenomenon: jaw numbness, face deviation for the first time after Sliding Genioplasty. This is a normal phenomenon due to the body's natural response to external influences on the chin bone structure and will stabilize after 1-3 months.
Remember to follow up periodically: 10 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, ... so that the doctor can monitor the recovery and ensure that cosmetic results as well as customer health.
The doctor also shared: Sliding Genioplasty if performed at unlicensed cosmetic facilities, inadequate facilities, and poorly skilled doctors, the following complications may occur:

  • Bleeding, infection
  • Chin deflected, crooked, deformed after surgery
  • Loss of feeling in the chin area, affecting chewing and talking function

4. How much does chin implant surgery cost on its own?

Many people keep searching for the place with the cheapest price for surgery in particular or dental treatment in general. The cheaper the price is, the better it is to save money and forget the most important thing: To have a successful and safe V-line surgery, a team of good estheticians, safe cosmetic techniques, and modern machinery systems, closed and quality aesthetic procedures are required.
Just looking for cheap costs but not seriously about the doctor's qualifications, the prestige of the clinic, and the quality of treatment ... this is not true and in the cosmetic and dental industry, it is necessary to limit the idea of choosing a cheap cosmetic or dental site.
At The East Rose Dental, the price is from 45 million dong  for Sliding Genioplasty.

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