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Today, to meet the needs and conditions of patients with tooth loss problems, the implant method has been developed with many different types, one of which can be mentioned is the All on 4 implant method. is considered as one of the preeminent solutions to thoroughly solve the patient's tooth loss. The following article, the Rose Dental will provide you with more information about the durability and usual life of this wonderful dental treatment.

How long is the lifespan of dentures when implanting all on 4?
Dentures are installed on 4 implant posts specifically designed for the restoration of a total loss of teeth compared to a single tooth that is available to support the bite. In the case of a total loss of teeth, the doctor must establish an occlusal, these difficulties cause the denture to be adjusted more, but this will also allow the doctor to have enough space to design a guaranteed denture. perfect function and achieve the highest esthetics, according to the principles of ideal occlusion that is difficult to achieve by ordinary single restorations.
For example, at the chewing position, it is established in the relationship, the position stabilizes the muscles and joints, limiting the parafunctional habits such as teeth grinding. Therefore, implants in the all on 4 philosophy have extremely high longevity and durability.
In fact, there are very few prosthetic failures in the all on 4 philosophy. Based on a 5-year follow-up study of 242 cases, there has not been a single case of failure when implementing the all-on method. 4.
In the 10-year study, out of 245 all-on-4 transplants, only 2 damaged jaws required re-implantation.
From the above experiments, it shows that the success rate and braiding of this method is extremely high (up to 99%) after 10 years.
So how is the durability after 10 years?
Many scientific studies show that, once the all-on-4 implant has passed 10 years, it will continue to persist for the next 15 20 years. Specifically, the rate of implant alive and well bearing after 17 years is up to 93%. The long all-on-4 implant life also depends on many other factors, with single implants on the jaw with teeth showing signs of implant failure such as bone loss, gum pocket formation, gum recession around the implant site. The bacteria in the environment and teeth are also the cause that strongly affects the durability and longevity of the implant. On the other hand, the patient has lost all of his teeth because he has no real teeth, so the microbiome is also different from before, it is possible for all on 4 implants to have a long lifespan of up to 20 years, even longer.

A typical example is in 1965, Professor Branemark directly performed the first implant on humans. After 40 years, the patient passed away, but the implant remained healthy inside the mouth. Therefore, we can completely believe in the enduring existence of the all on 4 implant method.
In another life expectancy study of All on 4 published in 2019 by author Paulo Malo's group was performed on 471 patients with 1884 implants. Result, the percentage of dentures that are still working well after 18 years is 98.8% respectively and the implant has good survival after 18 years is 93%.
With the data that we have provided above and the 10-year warranty policy for all-on-4 implant restorations at the East Rose Dental Clinic, we can confirm that the implant can have a degree of more than 20 degrees. years or even forever.



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