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Braces are a promising method that can safely and long-term handle the conditions of protruding, underbite, sparse, and misaligned teeth. So how many types of braces are there? How long is it gonna take? What age is appropriate for braces? These questions will be answered by experts shortly.

1. What are braces? How many types are there?

Braces are a method of using dental appliances to correct dental problems, making facial aesthetics and teeth more harmonious and balanced. How long does it take to get braces done? The time of braces will depend on factors such as the degree of misalignment of the teeth, the age of braces (braces at 12-18 years old are faster than over 25 years old), the type of braces and the orthodontic protocol of the doctor. So how many types of braces are there?

Braces are a method of using dental appliances to correct dental problems

Currently, braces are divided into the following types:

Metal braces: The arch wire and brackets are all made of stainless steel combined with inter-jaw elastic, applied to cases of teeth that are heavily misaligned, overbite, underbite, overbite, misaligned bite, etc. ..

Self-ligating / self-locking braces: The brackets are designed with an automatic slide on each bracket to help the arch wire hold firmly into the bracket slot, helping the force to act evenly on the teeth. So there is no need for the support of elastic bands.

Ceramic braces: The bracket system is made of porcelain, more advanced can use sapphire and crystal brackets. However, the structure and features of the bracket system are not different from the self-locking brackets.

Braces without brackets: Without using wires and brackets, this orthodontic method uses transparent aligners that can be removed - inserted during use. Normally, 20-45 aligners will be needed in a course of treatment depending on the movement of the teeth and the orthodontic protocol of the doctor.

2. Stages of the braces process

Unlike other aesthetics dental procedures, braces require time and patience. The stages of this process would normally go as follows:

Stage 1: Straighten your teeth

  • The doctor makes a suitable braces plan.
  • Install brackets and wires on the tooth surface. The arch wire begins to generate force to move the tooth.
  • In some cases, teeth will need to be removed.
  • Depending on the degree of misalignment of the teeth, the usual time is from 2-6 months.
  • The pain may last for about a week, and then it will go away.

Stage 2: Orthodontic correction

After the teeth are straightened, the roots will be adjusted. The arch wire will then create force to move the tooth root to the correct position to help the tooth axis be more correct.

This phase lasts from 2-4 months.

Stage 3: Close phase

  • This stage is the most important in the braces process, determining the aesthetics of the jaw. At this time, the doctor will use Stainless Steel wire to replace the arch wire to increase rigidity, and use a spring or elastic to close the space to pull the tooth back to the planned position.
  • This phase lasts from 4-8 months.
  • You will see changes in your teeth and face, especially in those with protruding jaws.

Stage 4: Close the joint vertically

  • This is the decisive stage for the chewing function of the teeth after orthodontic treatment.
  • The doctor will proceed to attach elastics from the upper jaw to the lower jaw vertically to help the two jaws contact each other.
  • This phase lasts from 2-8 weeks, helping to avoid errors in whether the teeth are open or the bite is not closed.

Stage 5: Maintain

  • The doctor will fix the teeth in the new position to help the orthodontic effect be maintained for a long time.
  • An appliance will be used to help fix the archwire on the inside of the jaw.

Braces take time and perseverance

3. Are braces painful?

Braces in some cases need to remove teeth (such as protrusion, severe underbite, many deviated teeth, wisdom teeth, ...), and when braces will have the tightening force of the arch wire to move the teeth into position. desire, so it may cause pain and discomfort. In addition, the skill of the doctor will also affect how you feel. However, there is no need to worry too much because the pain level when braces are not as painful as you think.

4. Do braces weaken teeth?

Many people wonder if braces make teeth weaker. According to the answers of dentists, braces are a method that does not affect the health of the teeth. However, there is still a risk of weakening teeth if there are problems during braces such as:

  • The technique and skill of the doctor is not good.
  • Poor quality materials.
  • The brackets are not properly attached, the tightening force of the arch wire and the elastic band is not strong enough, causing the teeth to move slowly and move in the wrong position.
  • On the contrary, too strong a tightening force can affect the jawbone, tooth roots, sockets, pain, ... weakening the teeth, making it difficult to eat and chew.
  • Dental diseases (if any) are not treated well which cause teeth to become weak when traction is applied.
  • Dental care is not implementing carefully during braces.
  • Foods that are harmful to teeth are not abstained
  • People who are advised not to wear braces due to their health conditions but still intentionally braces

Braces are a method that not affect the health of your teeth

5. Safe and modern braces clinic center

Braces bring a complete change to the teeth and face, but to get the desired results, choosing the right place to implement is the most important step. The East Rose Dental Clinic is the leading prestigious dental center in Vietnam with a team of experienced doctors and dental experts who have trained and studied in many advanced countries in the world such as Germany, USA, Japan, France, Korea….

The East Rose Dental Clinic is the leading prestigious dental center in Vietnam

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