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What are molar replacements?

When your molars tooth is damaged (because of cavities or accidents that result in cracked/chipped teeth, etc.) or fail to erupt, you may opt for molar replacements to restore your natural and complete dental structure.

Dental replacement is a major branch of dentistry. It involves the restoration of lost or damaged teeth with cosmetically elegant artificial ones that can function like real teeth, offering people a confidence boost.

Why do you need molar implant replacements?

When you lack several teeth, the rest of them are prone to leaning over or moving into the vacant spots, resulting in misalignment. Foods are also likely to get stuck in those spots, increasing the risk of cavities in adjacent teeth and diseases of the gum.

If various teeth are missing, your facial muscles may droop down and your speech may be affected, causing pronunciation problems.

Generally, molar replacements help you gain back your confidence, eat more easily, and adopt proper oral hygiene habits.

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Molar replacement techniques

To date, there are 3 basic techniques to replace lost molars:

  • Removable dentures: A removable denture has metal clasps that hook around adjacent teeth, keeping it attached to the jaw. However, as the clasps hook tightly around the roots of adjacent teeth, they may damage those teeth and surrounding gum tissue, speeding up jaw bone loss.


Removable dentures

  • Dental bridges: This technique involves filing down the adjacent teeth and fitting a ceramic bridge over the gap. Bridges are recommended when only one or two teeth are missing, not when you lack various teeth or all of your teeth.


Dental bridges

  • Dental implants: This technique offers permanent tooth replacements. The new teeth are tightly secured by implants placed deep in the jaw bone and acting as the roots.

Dental implants

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How much do molar replacements cost?

Costs of molar replacements depend on the technique and the dental clinic of your choice. The quality of the replacement, facility, and equipment, as well as the experience of the dentists all factor in the cost and longevity of the replacement. You should shop around and take everything into consideration when deciding where to get a molar replacement.

Below are the costs of molar replacements at The East Rose Dental Clinic (Old Rose Dental Clinic):


Cost (VND)

Removable dentures

Vietnamese plastic denture


COMPOSITE denture or American plastic denture


Removable ceramic denture


Dental implants

1 implant + 1 abutment + 1 Titan ceramic crown

1,135,000 – 21,565,000/implant

2 implants + 2 abutments + 3-unit Titan ceramic bridge

47,670,000 – 79,450,000/set

2 implants + 2 abutments + 4-unit Titan ceramic bridge

52,210,000 – 83,990,000/set

2 implants + 2 balls/cocartors + 1 removable denture

52,210,000 – 81,720,000/set

3 implants + 1 metal bar + 1 removable denture

108,960,000 – 156,630,000/set

With the above information, you must have answered the question "How much do molar replacements cost?" 

If you do not know which services to choose the best, do not hesitate to visit The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) for advice and treatment!


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