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Patients with full jaw loss not only affect their ability to eat and chew seriously but also cause a lack of aesthetics, all on 4 fixed dental implants are the perfect solution to replace missing teeth to solve the above problems appropriately. with all ages. However, the cost of all-on-4 dental implants is what many people are interested in. The following article will provide more information for you to better understand the all on 4 method as well as the cost of treatment.

Implant on 4

About the method of fixing fixed teeth all on 4, all on 6

The all on 4 method can be considered as one of the most expensive dental treatments. Along with that, drilling screws into the jawbone area also makes many people worried. However, in fact, for this treatment method, it is not necessary to plant 1 implant for each missing tooth, but you only need to plant 4 implant posts for the whole jaw.

Only with planting 4 implants that can support the entire jaw well, we will save more costs, the surgical process becomes lighter and safer.

The all on 4 method of restoring missing teeth includes 4 artificial roots under the jawbone and a high-impact plastic fixed jaw.

Depending on the type and brand, all on 4 implant posts have different costs. For example, the all on 4 method including 4 dental implants of Dentium (USA/Korea) type of high impact plastic fixed jaw is being promoted at The East Rose dental clinic for only 113 million VND.

You can also choose better implants with higher costs, if you choose a better type of teeth on the implant, the cost will also be higher. With the demand for aesthetics and durability of current customers, it is not surprising that there are customers who have chosen the most advanced types, the cost can be up to 150-200 million VND.

Another type of all on 4 prosthetics can be mentioned is the plastic jaw on the bar

all on 4 prosthetics can be mentioned is the plastic jaw on the bar

The implant will be connected by a very long steel bar (the technical term is called Chrome Cobalt bar), from which the plastic jaw will stand on this bar. Besides, there is a rubber groove cut into the bottom of the plastic jaw, this groove will fit snugly into the steel bar to make the jaw more stable. The advantage of this type is that the patient can be easily inserted and removed for better oral hygiene, improved chewing ability. Some argue that this type of plastic jaw is no different from the traditional removable jaw. However, in fact, the plastic jaw on the implant is many times stronger and more durable and the price is not cheap.

The cost for the most economical type of plastic jaws on the bar, Dentium (USA/Korea) at The East Rose Dental Clinic, is about 100 million.

Porcelain dental cases have been done at East Rose Dental Clinic

case implant on all 4 at The East Rose Dental

case implant on all 4 at The East Rose Dental


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The above article has answered the questions of most patients about the cost of the all-on-4 dental implant restoration procedure.

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