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The cost to perform removable dentures is an issue that many people are interested in today when intending to restore teeth. Currently on the market the price of removable dentures is different for each type of restoration. The following article will give you an overview of the common cost of this form.
How much do removable dentures cost?
To restore teeth lost or damaged due to accidents or age, removable dentures are one of the most popular and optimal tooth restoration methods today with many outstanding advantages. With this method, dentures are made of plastic or a combination of metal that is tightly bonded to the patient's jaw to help replace missing teeth.

How much does it cost to make dentures is a matter of concern for many people
Compared to other forms of tooth restoration, removable dentures are the most economical form suitable for most people's incomes. Although the cost is low, but because there are many different types of dentures, the cost of treatment also varies.
On the market today, there are plastic or porcelain dentures that are bonded to the jaw base of plastic or combined with metal. Dentures also have partial or complete types, depending on the state of each person's tooth loss. Therefore, the cost of removable dentures will also depend on the type of teeth, the number of teeth and the type of jaw that the patient can choose accordingly.

Dentures on plastic jaws
The price of removable dentures usually ranges from 350,000 VND to 700,000 VND / tooth or more and porcelain teeth will fall around 1,000,000 VND / tooth, depending on the type. The cost of making removable dentures on a plastic jaw base will be lower than that of a metal base and depends on the material of the jaw frame.
In addition, the cost of making removable dentures for patients who lose many teeth will be higher than for those with few teeth, the full jaw foundation has a higher cost than the semi-jaw foundation.
To know exactly how much it costs to make removable dentures, it is necessary to have a specific dental x-ray examination to determine the condition of each patient. Through that, the dentist can specify the appropriate method of making dentures, and advise you on choosing the right type of removable denture, the price of each type of denture for you to choose and decide.

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