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How much does jaw surgery cost is a concern of many people. Knowing the cost of overbite surgery will help you be more proactive in financial preparation before performing the surgery.

1. What causes overbite? and how to fix it

1.1. Causes of overbite jaw

The cause of protruding teeth is usually due to two factors: Protrusion due to jaw bone structure, protrusion due to teeth. Teeth that protrude outward or slightly protrude out are usually due to misaligned teeth, this condition often occurs in the incisors, where the teeth move, grow out of alignment with the vertical. Sometimes, teeth and jawbone that are too large for the teeth to grow in can also cause teeth to become overbite. The condition of teeth protruding out, sunken, crowded together is also due to this cause.

In addition to dental causes, an overgrown or abnormal arch can also cause dental defects. Although the teeth grow normally, the upper jaw is overdeveloped, causing the teeth to protrude out. There are also cases where the lower jaw and teeth come out at the same time, which is a serious condition that requires careful treatment.

1.2. Ways to fix crooked teeth

Protrusion is a condition in which the front jawbone protrudes too much. Depending on the breathing condition of each person, you can choose the appropriate breathing method. For mild cases, braces can be used. For severe cases of overbite, jaw surgery is the preeminent and most appropriate solution. To learn more about this method and how much it costs to have dental surgery, you can refer to the content below.

2. What is jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery is known as a facial plastic surgery method that effectively corrects the jaw caused by the jaw bone structure, thereby helping to improve chewing function and maintain a comprehensive beauty. This is a difficult and complicated technique, so the cost of oeverbite jaw surgery is different from other orthopedic methods.

When performing this technique, the doctor first makes a small incision in the mouth, then adjusts the incision and slides the upper jaw to balance the lower jaw. Finally, it is fixed with a mini screw to help push the upper jawbone back to help correct the jaw and make the face more harmonious.

To ensure aesthetic results, successful and safe surgery, doctors need to have high-quality, skilled, experienced equipment, modern machinery and facilities. This is also one of the reasons for deciding the price of overbite jaw surgery.

3. Where is overbite jaw surgery safe?

Jaw surgery is a simple surgery. Processing time is only 2-3 hours. However, when performing overbite surgery, you need to pay special attention to a reputable jaw surgery clinic. Because the surgery of the outer palate strengthens the chewing function, it also satisfies the aesthetics. Therefore, before proceeding to orthopedic surgery, you need to consult many clinic before performing surgery. Here are some criteria you should consider before surgery.

  • Have a clear certificate in dentistry. This is one of the first factors required for a reputable dental address.
  • Has modern equipment. To give an accurate and appropriate diagnosis for each person, it is very important to equip them with modern equipment. In addition, during surgery, modern machines also help doctors make precise cuts and incisions, minimizing invasiveness.
  • A team of highly qualified and skilled doctors also greatly affects the surgical process.
  • The clinic with professional services will help you feel comfortable both before and after surgery.

The East Rose Dental Clinic is the place where all of the above criteria converge. Here gathers a team of doctors and nurses with high professional qualifications who regularly practice abroad. The constant study and application of advanced ovebite  surgery methods have helped many people achieve radiant and confident smiles. In addition, the competitive price with many incentives also helps this place always be the place of choice for customers when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

4. How much does jaw surgery cost?

Currently on the market there are many addresses for jaw surgery with attractive prices. However, not everywhere is a place where you can feel secure when having plastic surgery. With a price of about 80 million VND, the East Rose Dental Clinic is a trusted clinic by many people. During 20 years of operation, the East Rose Dental Clinic has helped millions of people have a brighter smile and more confidence in their lives.


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