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Underbite jaw surgery is currently one of the methods to help adjust the jawbone, helping to improve the underbite condition with many outstanding advantages. However, many people are still wondering how much does underbite jaw surgery cost? Below is a detailed price list of jaw surgery that you can refer to.

Underbite is a common condition for many people. Most people who experience underbite have malocclusion disorders along with temporomandibular disorders, causing difficulty eating and chronic digestive disorders. Moreover, a lot of them have bad tooth condition. An overdeveloped lower jaw causes a long or protruding chin that does not look good. Underbite jaw surgery method was born to help many people improve the above condition. To learn more about this method, you can refer to the following information.

1. What is underbite jaw surgery?

Underbite orthognathic surgery is to affect the structure of the jaw bone, remove the overgrown jaw bone and push them inward. In this way, the upper and lower jaws are balanced, the bite is even, and the face shape is more natural.

Change your appearance completely after jaw surgery

For mild cases and underbites that have little effect on facial structure or chewing function, the patient does not need to undergo surgery. However, surgery is necessary for who has severe occlusion, affecting chewing function and mandibular structure. This is a quick, safe and effective long-term method to help the face look more harmonious and balanced.

2. How does the underbite jaw surgery procedure take place?

To be able to perform jaw surgery, you need to follow the following procedures:

2.1. Examination and consultation before maxillofacial surgery

Before surgery, you must go to the hospital to check the health and stability of the lower jaw bone. Only then can the correct treatment be given. Once the jaw deviation has been identified, the doctor will begin to develop a plan to correct the jaw accordingly. At some large clinic such as the East Rose Dental Clinic, the treatment protocol will be displayed in 3D. This makes it easier for you to see the condition of your teeth after surgery.

2.2. General health check

You will need blood tests, urine tests, and other medical tests. Based on these results, your doctor believes you are eligible for jaw surgery. For patients with hemophilia, severe diabetes, often cannot apply underbite jaw surgery.

2.3. The anesthetic

This is an essential anesthetic that can temporarily relieve pain and provide a sense of peace and security during the procedure.

2.4. Performing jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is performed as follows: The doctor will make an incision on the gums on both sides of the lower jaw, just behind the molars. Then, cut the screw and keep moving the oven mouth forward or backward to adjust the screw. Next, the doctor will place a disc or screw to fix the adjusted jawbone to its new position. Finally, your doctor will sew an incision in your gums.

In order for the surgery to be successful after completing the surgery, you need to follow up with your doctor on schedule. The follow-up examination will help the doctor accurately assess the condition of the jawbone after surgery and perform some other services if necessary.

Choosing a reputable aesthetics surgery clinic also contributes to making your surgery safe and aesthetically pleasing. The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the prestigious addresses that you can refer to.

A jaw surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic

3. Why should you choose the East Rose Dental Clinic when undergoing dental surgery?

The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the addresses specializing in oral and maxillofacial aesthetics that is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign experts. To do this is thanks to the following advantages.

Modern medical equipment. This is a contributing factor to helping surgeries take place accurately with high safety.

A team of highly qualified medical professionals, regularly trained to improve their skills, help bring customers the most perfect beauty.

The East Rose Dental Clinic also has many outstanding achievements with domestic and international dental certificates.

Professional service is also one of the plus points of the East Rose Dental Clinic. customers will be cared for and consulted and given the most suitable solution for each case of customer.

Competitive price.

The East Rose Dental is the place to gather a team of talented doctors with many years of experience

4. How much does underbite jaw surgery cost?

How much does underbite jaw surgery cost? Currently, the price of jaw surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic is being evaluated as the most competitive in the market. With a cost of only 80,000,000 VND. This is considered a low cost compared to the quality that the East Rose Dental brings.

Above are the answers to the question how much does jaw surgery cost? Knowing the cost and procedure of underbite jaw surgery will help you prepare both financially and psychologically before surgery.



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