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On the market today, there are many methods of restoring lost teeth for the elderly. But which dental method is safe, effective and suitable for the elderly? How much does the treatment cost? Let's learn more with the East Rose Dental Clinic through the following article.
1. Why should plant teeth for the elderly?
Over time, the elderly's teeth are often weakened and lost, tooth loss leads to affecting living, chewing function and aesthetics. Therefore, denture implantation is a solution to use dental tools to restore lost teeth for the elderly to help prevent related diseases in time.
When entering the aging stage, health is gradually weakened when the elderly's teeth are no longer strong. Weak resistance, aging body, calcium deficiency ... will make older people more susceptible to dental diseases.
Therefore, the restoration of lost teeth will help limit a number of problems such as:
- Impaired chewing function: Losing teeth will make chewing activities hindered, less appetizing than before. That can lead to problems related to digestive disorders such as stomach pain, colitis, malnutrition due to poor nutrient absorption.
- Related oral diseases such as: gingivitis, gingivitis, etc.
- Long-term loss of teeth without interventional treatment methods will lead to loss of jawbone gradually, the face will lose its balance, more aging.
- Missing teeth creates gaps between the teeth, which leads to the situation of surrounding teeth being displaced, in the wrong position of teeth, ..
With serious harms affecting health and daily life, it can be seen that making dentures for the elderly is extremely necessary. Not only in terms of health, but in the long run, the body does not age quickly, less suffer from dental diseases, it will create a happier, happier and more comfortable spirit, thereby prolonging life.
2. Methods of restoring lost teeth for the elderly
Along with the outstanding development of dental technology, oral health care for the elderly is increasingly being promoted, there are many methods of denture implantation for the elderly today to choose from.
2.1 Making full dentures with removable dentures
This is one of the oldest and most popular methods of treating tooth loss in the elderly. With this method, people who have lost teeth can replace one or more missing teeth or the entire jaw.
Usually removable dentures are usually made of specialized plastic or metal in dentistry. Some of the salient advantages are as follows:
- Guaranteed in terms of chewing & daily activities
- Healthy materials are safe for the user's body
- Easily removable and easy to clean every day
- Low cost saving
Although this is considered the most economical method of dealing with tooth loss, in the long run this method also has some disadvantages such as frequent cleaning and doctor visits.

2.2 Method of planting teeth with porcelain bridge
This method is used in cases where a small number of missing teeth are restored using neighboring teeth as bridges. Similar to conventional porcelain crowns, the patient needs to grind a layer on the adjacent teeth to cover the porcelain crown. Some of the advantages are as follows:
- High aesthetics, teeth are evenly colored, hugging nature
- Patients can communicate and eat comfortably because this method restores more than 90% of the ability to eat and chew
- Long service life, high durability (average 10 - 20 years)
- Easy to clean

2.3 Implant method
A dental method that uses an implant with a material that is benign to the body, fixed in the jawbone, and then covered with a porcelain crown to restore the ability to chew. The new implant will gradually be integrated into the jawbone to help replace the lost teeth.
Although this method has a relatively high implementation cost, it is gradually becoming popular today due to the following advantages:
- Ensure chewing function like real teeth
- Material is benign to the body
- Prevent jaw bone loss
- High durability, lifetime use
- Easy to clean

The above is the necessary information for elderly people who have lost teeth and need to restore new teeth, depending on each specific case and each person's economic situation, you can choose the method that is right for you. closest.
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