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Double jaw surgery is the optimal method to help you get a sharper, more delicate jawline, as well as correct the defects of the jawbone such as underbite and overbite. Is this method dangerous? How is the process done? Detailed information will be sent to you by the East Rose Dental Clinic shortly.

1. What is double jaw surgery?

Double jaw surgery is a comprehensive surgery aimed at correcting defects in the jaw. Usually jaw correction is only done on the upper or lower jaw, but when both jaws are corrected at the same time, it is called double jaw surgery. This is necessary for reciprocal alignment of the upper and lower jaws.

Double jaw surgery is a comprehensive surgery that corrects the defects of the jaw

2. Who should have 2 jaw surgery?

Those who need two-jaw surgery are:

People with an abnormally long face or chin.

People with square jaws have a misaligned bite, the teeth of the two jaws do not fit together when closed.

People with underbite or overbite mouth.

3. Efficacy of 2-jaw surgery method

Currently, performing double jaw surgery is a dental solution that is highly appreciated by experts and trusted by many people. Because this method converges many outstanding advantages, it is difficult for any other method to replace it. That is:

Double jaw surgery is highly effective in correcting defects in the jawbone. After doing it, you will confidently own a face with soft lines, proportionate with harmonious lines. At the same time, your bite is also restored to the correct position for more effective and better chewing function.

Is double jaw surgery dangerous? Although this surgical method interferes with the jawbone, the safety level is highly appreciated, does not affect the nerves or leave any bad complications.

The performance of double jaw surgery is carried out quickly and maintains long-term effectiveness if the patient is cleaned and cared for properly. In addition, after the surgery, you do not worry about leaving scars with the incisions made inside, so it is very aesthetic.

Double jaw surgery helps to correct jaw defects and improve optimal aesthetics

3. 2 Jaw surgery procedure

When performing double jaw surgery, you have to go through a closed, professional process. Includes the following steps:

Step 1 You will be examined and X-ray film taken

The doctor conducts a general examination of the oral condition, and instructs the patient to take X-rays, thereby helping the doctor determine the cause of the disease, the extent of the disease and the location of the maxillofacial nerves.

General dental examination and X-ray

Step 2: Make a plan to tweak two specific functions

After determining the cause as well as the specific image of the jawbone, the doctors will make a specific two-jaw surgery protocol with a clear procedure, the proportion of bones that need to be adjusted, the position of the cut, the cut line .. .

Step 3: Take a general health check

In order to ensure that the double jaw surgery goes smoothly and safely to minimize possible symptoms, you will be given general health check-up tests such as blood tests, urine tests, measurements. ECG, blood pressure...

Step 4: Clean the teeth

Before the surgery, you will have oral hygiene, tartar removal, oral disinfection, treatment of oral diseases such as periodontitis to avoid the spread of dental disease as well as infection in the blood during surgery.

Step 5: Carry out surgery on 2 jaws

Patients are brought into a sterile, closed modern room, fully equipped with modern equipment to help the surgery take place quickly and safely with high results.

Perform double jaw surgery in a sterile closed room

Step 6: Care after surgery to adjust the lower 2 jaws

After surgery, you will be transferred to the care room and closely monitored. Before you leave the hospital, you need to pay attention to a number of dental care issues and follow-up appointments on time.

4. Why should you choose The East Rose Dental Clinic for double jaw surgery?

You are wondering in choosing a reputable and quality dental facility to perform double jaw surgery. Come to the East Rose Dental Clinic where the facilities and equipment are invested in modern and advanced.

The East Rose Dental Clinic brings together a team of doctors with professional qualifications and solid experience, who are intensively trained in the specialty of maxillofacial surgery with full practice certificates. The dental system at The East Rose Dental Clinic meets international standards, complying with the requirements of sterility to avoid infection.

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