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The state of gummy smile is a defect that makes not only women but also men lose confidence when communicating, greatly affecting social relationships. To solve this problem, many doctors have advised to choose the surgical solution to cut gums. However, many people still wonder about the aesthetics and safety during surgery. Is cosmetic gum surgery dangerous? Please refer to the information about this surgical method through the article below.
What is gum plastic surgery?
Aesthetic gingivectomy is a non-invasive, non-invasive minor surgery method performed by qualified doctors. By this surgery, the crown of the tooth will be exposed, longer, and overcome the disadvantage of open gums when smiling.

According to experts, to own a beautiful smile, the distance from the lowest point of the tooth neck to the lip rim should not exceed 3mm. Therefore, many people are prescribed gum plastic surgery due to:
The long gum structure that covers many crowns causes the teeth to become shorter than normal.

  • Gums thrive due to post-orthodontic complications.
  • The upper jaw bone is overdeveloped.
  • The short upper lip makes the gums open a lot when smiling.
  • Gums lengthen due to the use of many antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Is cosmetic gum surgery dangerous?
In fact, cosmetic gum cutting is the solution chosen by many customers to improve their smile. The effects of this approach can include:
Impact on aesthetics
Today, along with the outstanding development of cosmetic dentistry, many modern machines and techniques have been successfully researched and developed. Thanks to that, the gum cutting process takes place quickly, ensuring absolute safety.

Gum cutting is performed inside the oral cavity to completely cover the postoperative wound. Modern aesthetic sutures do not leave traces, reveal scars, ensure high aesthetics. The cosmetic gingival cutting method completely overcomes the defect of gummy smile, makes the smile more perfect, people confidently express themselves, confidently communicate, improve relationships in life. Work.
Impact on chewing ability
Cosmetic gum cutting directly affects the gums, so the period from 5 to 7 days after surgery, the ability to chew will have certain limitations. You can still choose soft, chopped foods to meet your body's nutritional needs.

After the wound heals, only self-dissolving, the client's ability to eat and drink will be fully restored. You are completely free to use food according to your liking without worrying about oral health or affecting the results of surgery.
Impact on health
Gum cutting, although touching the oral environment, the surgical procedure is not complicated and can be performed quickly without much interference with the body structure. Usually, at dental facilities, customers will have a general health check, to ensure that the health requirements are new to perform surgery.
In case the customer is having problems with oral diseases, it will need to be treated completely before performing gum cutting. So you can rest assured about your health.
Note when choosing gum surgery
Although gingivectomy is a quick and simple minor surgery, there are now many unscrupulous dental facilities aimed at profiteering despite the health of the customer. These facilities are often not fully equipped with equipment as well as a team of inexperienced and specialized dentists. That causes dangerous complications after surgery that they themselves cannot foresee.

Because of that, you should carefully choose a reputable dental address, highly appreciated by many customers to receive advice and examination. The risks that you may face when you do not have safe surgery such as:

  • Receding gums, open roots, loss of gum papilla if cutting and shaping the alveolar bone too much. Over time, a triangular black hole is formed between two teeth, causing sensitivity and loss of aesthetics.
  • If during surgery, the root surface is not cleaned and the alveolar bone is not formed properly, it will cause a recurrence of the gingival cavity.
  • Performing the wrong cosmetic procedure to cut gums causes toothache, gums swelling, making eating and daily activities difficult, adversely affecting health.
  • Performing the wrong surgery has the risk of causing occlusal disorders, you need to overcome the consequences in addition to surgery to cut the gums.
  • If performing surgery at a poor quality facility, an unskilled dentist will cause long-lasting wounds to heal, prolonged bleeding, other oral diseases or wound infections, etc.

Thus, the information on the article has clarified whether gum plastic surgery is dangerous. Find yourself a reputable dental facility for advice and examination before surgery.


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