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Cheek reduction surgery is a quick and effective method to help girls have a more harmonious face. However, this technique requires a lot of impact and invasion to the jawbone structure and soft tissue. Therefore, many customers are afraid of whether cheekbone reduction surgery is dangerous. Below the East Rose Dental Clinic will give you a quick answer.

Is cheekbone reduction surgery dangerous?

Cheek reduction surgery will directly intervene on the cheekbones to adjust and change the morphology of the facial structure. Because of having to touch the cutlery, many customers worry that lowering their cheekbones will have many potential risks and bad effects. However, you do not need to worry too much, if you ensure the following factors:

Highly qualified doctor

The doctor is the person who directly performs the surgery, so the doctor's qualifications play a key role in the safety of the surgery. For people with good expertise, technical operations are performed accurately, avoiding errors and the risk of complications. From there, the surgery will be convenient, smooth and with the highest safety.

Advanced support equipment

At prestigious and high-quality medical facilities, modern machinery and equipment will help determine the exact cheekbone ratio. Thanks to that, experts will offer the most suitable cheekbone reduction plan for each person, the risks and potential complications are significantly limited. In addition, the other supporting tools and the operating room are always optimized and sterile, which also helps the surgery to reduce cheekbones quickly and safely.


Advanced equipment will help lower cheekbones without complications

Modern method

Cheek surgery also depends greatly on the techniques and technologies that doctors and estheticians use. With modern technology, advanced bone dissection technique will help lower cheekbones quickly and with less pain.

Is high cheekbone surgery painful?

Because cheekbone reduction surgery requires the use of cutlery, which penetrates deep into the tissues and bones, pain is unavoidable. However, with such major surgeries, doctors often perform general anesthesia to ensure the safest and most comfortable for customers.

Depending on the skill and level of the doctor, the pain sensation after cheekbone surgery will be different. If the doctors are skilled, highly qualified, small incisions, the recovery time will be faster, the feeling of pain is also less.

If unfortunately encountering a poorly qualified doctor, there might be swelling, painful… even infection and symptoms may occur. Therefore, you need to carefully research the medical facilities before deciding to have cheekbone reduction surgery.


Depending on the skill of the doctor, the pain sensation will be different

Some complications if the surgery is wrong technique

Although medicine has produced modern equipment and advanced cheekbone reduction surgery methods to minimize risks. However, nothing is absolute, surgery with the wrong technique can cause symptoms such as:

Sagging cheeks

Cheek reduction surgery involves cutting and moving bones, so sagging may occur. The main reason is that the doctor performed the wrong cut, causing the cheekbones to deviate or not to achieve the desired ratio.


Determining the wrong proportions will lead to sagging cheeks

Besides, people in their 40s when surgery, bone structure and skin begin to age, so the risk of sagging is also higher than young people. In addition, there are other causes such as overweight people, thin facial skin, not firm, protruding teeth, etc. also cause symptoms of sagging cheeks after surgery.

Leaving scars

Poorly trained doctors can leave scars on the patient's parotid area. Besides, depending on the location and poor surgical care of the customer, there is also a risk of causing deep scars and keloid scars.

Nerve damage

The cheekbones are the place of contact, closely related to the temporal and orbital nerves. Complications of nerve damage are the consequences of lowering the cheekbones in unreputable medical facilities, with weak doctors' qualifications.

Hard jaw

When determining the jaw bone ratio is wrong or the cutting technique is not guaranteed, it will cause the cheekbones to move and press on the muscle areas in the temple. Since then, leading to a stiff jaw, you can improve by regularly opening your mouth, after a few months this phenomenon will gradually subside.


Jaw stiffness can be caused by incorrect cutting technique

Cheeks are still high

Despite surgery, the cheekbones are still high because the doctor performing cheekbone reduction surgery determined the proportion of jawbone to be reduced incorrectly. In addition, moving the cheekbones to a new position that is not suitable for the customer's face also makes the cheekbones not change much after surgery.





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