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Overbite/ underbite surgery is a method of correcting the abnormality of the jawbone through the plastic surgergy. This method helps to make the upper and lower jaws more balanced, creating more aesthetics for people with protrusion - underbite. Currently, this surgical method is being widely used by clinics, dental and hospitals. The East Rose dental clinic is also one of the licensed and leading units in the method of overbite/underbite surgery. I

Jaw surgery helps to balance the jawbone and increase the aesthetics of the patient.

1. Is overbite – underbite jaw surgery dangerous?

Surely anyone when hearing about surgery is very worried whether it is painful and dangerous or not. Overbite/Underbite surgery is considered a complex surgery, affecting the soft tissue and directly affecting the bone. That's why pain is inevitable. However, with today's advanced jaw surgery technology, the pain during surgery is greatly reduced.

Jaw - underbite surgery at a reputable facility will not pose any danger to the patient.

Regarding the level of danger, no one is 100% sure that the surgery will be successful without mordern facilities, good equipment, thorough sterilization and a team of highly qualified doctors. Underbite/overbite surgery will use professional endoscopic equipment to produce images from each angle of the jawbone, allowing the doctor to observe and operate accurately, with less bleeding, without causing damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, this method is absolutely not dangerous when performed in specialized facilities.

2. Care after maxillofacial surgery

After the surgery, bone and soft tissue need rest to regenerate. Therefore, it is necessary to have a careful care regimen, to avoid injury to the wound and harm to health.

2.1 How to properly care for a wound

After 2 to 3 days of surgery, the patient will feel pain in the jaw area. At this time, ice should be used to quickly relieve the pain. At this time, you should limit brushing and instead use a specialized mouthwash to clean bacteria and plaque in the oral cavity. Follow the doctor's instructions for using antibiotics and pain relievers and remember the schedule for thread trimming and follow-up visits.

2.2 Resting mode after maxillofacial surgery

After surgery, the patient should rest, avoid heavy work for the body to recover. Always keep your mind at ease to be more positive and help the wound heal faster.

Special care is required after jaw surgery

2.3 Attention to diet after surgery

In the first days of surgery, patients should eat liquid foods such as porridge, soup, milk, etc. In the following days, they should choose soft foods that are easy to chew and swallow. Do not eat too many sweets, chewy, hard foods such as nuts, candy, beef,... Patients absolutely should not eat foods that cause scarring and itching such as sticky rice, chicken, spinach, seafood. ,...

Besides, stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, ... are also foods to stay away from. Note when eating, patients should eat slowly, do not use force from the jaw too strong to affect the wound, increase the healing process of bones and soft tissues, cause infections or complications, ...

2.4 Follow the doctor's instructions

The first week after jaw surgery , the patient will be fixed the jaw bone, avoiding strong impacts. The follow-up schedule will be reminded periodically, patients should see a doctor when there are any abnormal signs.

3. Jaw surgery at the East Rose Dental Clinic

The East Rose Dental Clinic is proud to be a prestigious unit in the field of cosmetic dentistry, especially maxillofacial surgery. The facilities here are the most advanced and modern, along with the world's leading machinery and equipment. Leading specialists are trained from prestigious domestic and international schools, with high expertise and technology. With those factors, Oriental Rose Dental Clinic has operated on thousands of cases of cleft palate, bringing beauty and aesthetics to customers.

The East Rose Dental Clinic owns the most advanced equipment and machinery.

In addition, the cost of each jaw surgery is only from 50,000,000 VND. This is considered an extremely reasonable cost compared to the outstanding quality. Currently, the cost of surgery as well as dental treatment is reduced by up to 70%. Is the best opportunity for customers to experience and be more confident when stepping out of the clinic.

Is maxillofacial surgery dangerous? How to take care after surgery? This question has been answered in detail in the above article. Come to the East Rose Dental Clinic to own a perfect delicate face.


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