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Is underbite jaw surgery painful or not is one of the concerns of many people. To answer this question and understand more about jaw surgery, you can refer to the content in the article below.

Underbite is a condition in which the lower jawbone protrudes forward. This makes the face lose its balance and aesthetics. Underbite jaw surgery is one of the options for many people who are experiencing this condition. However, the thing that makes many people wonder before jaw surgery is whether jaw surgery is painful? To answer this question, you first need to understand what is maxillofacial surgery?

1. What is underbite jaw surgery?

Underbite jaw surgery is also known as lower jaw surgery. This is a procedure to cut, reverse and fix the lower jaw bone to a new position to treat the mandibular prolapse. There are two common surgical methods in the treatment of mandibular gingivitis. These are sternocleidomastoidectomy (SSRO) and intraoral longitudinal mastoidectomy (IVRO).

We recommend SSRO over IVRO, as the former has shortened the healing time with a larger contact area between the excised bones, resulting in better healing and also better aspect aesthetic edge.

Underbite jaw surgery to make the face more harmonious

Angle contouring surgery is now a more advanced technology to change the shape of the face, making facial contours softer and smoother. Jaw surgery can effectively correct deformities and is very effective for improving facial shape. It can be seen that underbite surgery is a way to improve chewing ability. At the same time help you have a more harmonious smile and face. However, the question of whether underbite jaw surgery is painful still makes many people wonder whether or not they should have jaw surgery.

2. Is underbite jaw surgery painful?

Underbite jaw surgery is one of the most advanced technologies today. It helps those with protruding jawbone to be pushed back effectively. This helps the face to be harmonious and beautiful naturally. There are three main steps to performing jaw surgery:

Step 1: Lower jaw bone surgery.

Step 2: Move the lower jaw after straightening and trimming the protruding jaw.

Step 3: Bone straightening after surgery to harmonize the face.

Angleplasty uses mixed anesthesia and the surgery is not very painful. In addition, the removed bone is also soft bone, so the pain does not last too long.

Jaw surgery will not cause too much pain, but you will still need to take pain medication prescribed by your doctor to avoid pain. You will feel some discomfort for the first few days, and it may take several weeks for the pain to go away completely. During your hospital stay, you'll have antibiotics given through a vein in your arm to make sure the surgical area heals without infection. You will then be discharged from the hospital and your doctor will prescribe a course of pain relievers and antibiotics.

Before surgery, the patient will be anesthetized so there will be no pain

3. How to care after underbite jaw surgery

3.1. Avoid infection after surgery

To prevent postoperative infections, after surgery, you must not eat anything within 2 days, mainly relying on infusion to maintain physiological needs. After 48 hours, start eating liquid foods, such as milk, juice, broth, etc. After 72 hours, you can eat semi-liquid foods, such as yogurt, custard, noodles, etc. porridge,...

3.2. Reduce swelling after surgery

After mandibular angle osteotomy, wound pressure bandage can be applied, but the pressure should not be too high to avoid injuring the surgical area. Once the postoperative bleeding and hematoma are heavy, we should go to the hospital for timely treatment monitoring, a note that we must know about mandibular angle surgery.

3.3. Thorough oral hygiene

Pay attention to oral care to avoid infection. After eating and drinking, you should rinse your mouth with light salt water or a specialized mouthwash. You can brush your teeth again after 10 days.

3.4. Do not self-medicate

The wound will be a little sore on the day of mandibular angle surgery but should subside over time. People who want to beautify should not rush to take pain relievers, because aspirin can aggravate bleeding wounds.

Care after jaw surgery needs special attention. You should not arbitrarily use pain relievers to apply to the wound. Taking medicine not prescribed by your doctor can make the wound heal longer. In addition, to minimize the invasiveness that causes pain and damage to muscles and bones in the face, you also need to pay attention to the underbite aesthetic clinic. Ideally, you should choose reputable aesthetics clinic.

Do not arbitrarily use the drug without the consent of the doctor

4. Where is the prestige jaw surgery?

Before surgery, you need to examine and carefully check your health status and some important tests. This helps the jaw surgery process take place accurately, with minimal pain. The East Rose Dental Clinic is one of the prestigious addresses in the field of orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery. At our clinic, every year thousands of people regain their confidence with bright smiles. This is also a clinic highly appreciated by domestic and foreign experts, worthy of your trust.

Above are the answers to the question, is underbite jaw surgery painful? The answer is yes. However, the level of pain during jaw surgery is not too much. During the surgery, you will be anesthetized to reduce pain and ensure safety. Therefore, you can feel secure when applying this aesthetics method.



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