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Not only does overbite cause great self-deprecation in life, people with underbite jaw also face many difficulties in living and communicating. Currently, with modern dental methods, the condition of the underbite can be completely improved, helping you to own a harmonious and balanced face. So is underbite jaw surgery safe? How effective is it? What is the surgical procedure? The East Rose Dental Clinic will help you answer the following questions.

1.       What is an underbite? Causes of underbite jaw?

Underbite is a condition in which the lower jaw bone is overdeveloped, causing the structure of the lower jaw to protrude a lot. When the mouth is closed, the lower jaw covers the upper jaw bone. In some cases, people with severe underbites cannot close their mouths.

Jaw underbite when the lower teeth cover the upper teeth

According to statistics of the health organization, up to 70% of people with underbite jaw are hereditary factors from grandparents, parents or family members with a history of this disease. The remaining cases are often bad habits such as finger sucking, tongue thrusting, lip biting... These actions affect the jaw structure, causing displacement and jaw bone structure in a negative direction leading to the underbite issue.

Beside the two main causes above, some cases are due to congenital missing teeth such as missing upper front teeth, loss of baby teeth in the lower jaw, loose bite joints, overactive muscles that make the tongue and muscles more difficult to maintain and then loose the balance.

2.       Methods to improve the jaw

Along with the development in the field of maxillofacial teeth treatment, underbite is no longer a big issue. To be able to apply the appropriate treatment method, it is necessary to know what type of underbite you are and to what extent. Based on those factors, the doctor will give advice on specific treatment methods such as:

2.1.  Porcelain crown:  

This method is applied to cases of light underbite, relatively even teeth. The treatment of underbite is done by grinding the teeth to make a cylinder, then adjusting the tooth position, taking a porcelain crown and finally adjusting the teeth for a standard bite. This method helps to give you an even, beautiful and standard teeth in just a short time from 3-5 days.

2.2.  Braces

This method will use a set of appliances including braces, wires or transparent braces to move teeth back to their original position. It helps teeth to be even and upright on the jaw. This method takes quite a long time from 6-24 months, but it is safe and you will preserve the original teeth.

2.3.  Double Jaw surgery

This method is applied to those who have underbite or underbite on both teeth and jaw. This method is carried out by cutting a part of the lower jaw bone and pushing it back in accordance with the standard ratio between the two jaws to help the face be more harmonious. Underbite jaw surgery is a complex procedure that requires a high level of expertise and high technique.

Underbite Jaw Surgery

3.       How many kinds of underbite surgery?

 Currently, mandibular intervention surgery is carried out using modern technology, which is the Lefort and BSSO method. The doctor will use a bone cutting device with Hi Speed ​​technology to affect the jawbone. Then cut and push back the lower jaw along with the combination of stretching the upper jaw forward to tighten the bite according to the principle of the upper jaw covering the lower jaw.

4.       Jaw surgery procedure

To perform under jaw correction surgery, doctors usually implement as the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and consultation. In this step, the doctor will check the condition of the jaw as well as the bite of the patient.

Step 2: After the examination, an X-ray will be taken to assess the extent of the defect. From there, determine the correct cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan.

Step 3: Dentist and jaw surgeon based on diagnostic results conduct consultation to find the best solution.

Step 4: Next, the patient will undergo a general health check, take impressions of the teeth, clean the teeth and proceed to make a surgical tray.

Step 5: Administer anesthesia and perform surgery.

Step 6: Rest at the Hospital after the surgery is done.

Step 7: Periodic re-examination at the request of the doctor.

The doctor examines to come up with the right method

5.       Is jaw surgery painful? Does it affect your health?

When it comes to surgery, everyone's general psychology is wondering if there is pain? Is it dangerous? And does it affect health? That's why many people hesitate to do jaw correction surgery.

In fact, orthodontic surgery is not as dangerous as rumored if you choose the right reputable clinic with modern technology and a team of doctors and nurses with high professional and technical qualifications. It will help you to overcome the defects of the underbite quickly and effectively without leaving complications and adverse health effects.

Surgical intervention to help the face become harmonious and balanced

During the surgery, you will be sedated to make sure the surgery goes smoothly and without pain. The jaw surgery will take place in a room with sterile conditions with advanced and modern equipment. Make sure the surgery is as successful as you want it to be.

After the surgery, you will be cared for and recuperated in a sterile room to avoid infection or cross-infection. After that, you need to follow the instructions as directed by the doctor and periodically re-examine as indicated. Thus, the surgery to correct the underbite has been completed, giving you more confidence thanks to a balanced and harmonious face.

6.       Prestigious and high quality jaw surgery clinic

If you are in need of improving the condition of your jaw, come to the East Rose Dental Clinic which is a dental clinic equipped with the most advanced machines. In addition, a team of highly skilled and qualified medical doctors and nurse will help you get the surgery as successful as you want.

Currently, the East Rose Dental is running a promotion program of discounting up to 70% for all services, including jaw surgery. Do not miss the opportunity to regain the harmonious beauty of your face with this unique opportunity.

Above is information about jaw surgery and what you need to know. Hopefully this article will be helpful for those of you who are looking to learn about this service and wish you to find a reputable clinic to perform the jaw surgery.



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