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A perfect smile is always the desire of many people. Thanks to ongoing advancements in dental technologies, patients now have access to contemporary, secure, and expedient solutions for both dental treatment and aesthetic purposes. Hoa Hong Phuong Dong Dental Clinic boasts an array of cutting-edge dental technologies and equipment, guaranteeing dental treatments of exceptional quality that surpass your expectations.

3D Trios Scanner - 3Shape: Innovative technology for superior dental experience

3D Trios Scanner - 3Shape: Innovative technology for superior dental experience

 With advanced AI-integrated technology, 3D Trios provides you with a superior dental care experience compared to traditional dental methods that use alginate or rubber. Here are some innovative features of this device that bring exceptional advantages:

  • Automatically measures any angle, tooth size, and soft tissue in the mouth.
  • Take exceedingly precise occlusion impression measurements and scan before and after treatment.
  • Fast scan speed, output 1000 images per second, saving time
  • Create precise and clear 3D models by scanning samples and taking digital impressions.
  • Small scan head that is simple to use, disassemble, and sterilize.
  • For patient comfort, scan real teeth colors and automatically compare them without the use of contrast spray.
  • There is no need for marking material, and there is no need to start again if something changes.

Prominent modern equipment at The East Rose Dental Clinic

In addition to the 3D Trios scanner, The East Rose Dental Clinic applies various advanced dental technologies and equipment to bring you a perfect smile.

  • PaX-i3D SMART CBCT Scanner: Evaluates and creates 3D images of the entire dental and facial structure safely, efficiently, conveniently, and reliably.
  • Modern CAD/CAM ceramic restoration system: Ensures quick, accurate, and natural dental restorations in every detail.
  • KaVo Scan eXam (Germany): Capable of capturing X-rays, scanning, and viewing clear and detailed images right at the dental chair.
  • Oral Camera: Allows for a comprehensive view of the oral condition and clear evaluation of treatment results, especially in hard-to-reach areas
  • Digital Apex Root Locator: Accurately measures the length of tooth roots, ensuring optimal results in root canal treatment and avoiding issues such as infection or improper sealing of the root canal.
  • Piezotome Ultrasonic Surgery Machine (Germany): Facilitates quick and smooth surgical procedures, reducing pain for the patient.
  • Painless surgery, TMJ Joint Pain Relief, laser whitening Diode Lasers Machine: Versatile, providing three functions: painless laser surgery, effective teeth whitening, and pain relief for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues.
  • Kavo Surgery Machine (Germany): Compact design with high precision, enabling painless implant placement and fast recovery for the patient.
  • Other modern equipment:  Mini Dental X-Ray Camera, Laser Teeth Whitening  Zoom White Speed Machine, and so on.



Come to The East Rose Dental Clinic today and discover the power of advanced dental technologies for achieving a perfect smile. We take pride in being a premier dental facility, ranked second in Vietnam and 51st globally. Our team of experienced dentists (with 17 to 26 years of experience) skillfully applies modern equipment to provide you with healthy, beautiful teeth and a confident smile.With our guiding principle of "From Good to Perfect," we stand as the top choice for affordable prices, quality guarantees, and surpassing customer expectations.

Get in touch with us for comprehensive consultations regarding all dental services, including examinations, care, treatments, and cosmetic dentistry. Let us transform your dental experience and provide you with the best oral care possible!