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Nobel Implant - a leading brand trusted by experts

In the field of Implant, perhaps the Nobel Implant abutment is no longer too strange because of its top quality in dental restoration. More and more abutment lines are being born, but Nobel Implant still has a certain position and is trusted by experts from leading countries in the world. To understand more about this high-end abutment line, follow along with The East Rose Dental Clinic right here!

What is a Nobel Implant? Where does it come from?

Nobel Biocare Implant is a product originating from Switzerland, manufactured by the famous company Nobel Biocare, one of the leading units in the dental implant manufacturing industry and related products such as abutment screws, porcelain crowns, dental bridges.

Nobel Biocare Implant is the result of inheriting unique technology from Professor Per-Ingvar Branemark, a pioneer in research on the integration between Titanium dental posts and jawbone. Thanks to this first research foundation, Nobel Biocare Implant is not simply a product, but also a symbol of outstanding quality, with integration and stability not found in other Implant lines. .

Structure of the Nobel Implant

  • Nobel cylinder is made from 4 layers of pure Titanium, ensuring benignity and high biological compatibility with the environment in the oral cavity.
  • Oblong cylinder design: With an elongated nail-like cylinder shape, the cylinder surface is designed with an evenly twisted thread, creating roughness to increase the ability to integrate with bone tissue.
  • Nobel Biocare Implant head is covered with TiUnite biofilm, using advanced technology to help the post integrate into the jaw bone quickly and effectively.
  • The connection between the Implant and Abutment is designed in a triangular shape, ensuring durability and stability between two important parts.
  • Nobel pillars come in many different sizes, optimized to fit many different types of dental restorations, fully meeting the needs of each patient.

Outstanding advantages of Nobel Implant

1. Rapid bone integration:
Nobel Biocare Implant, manufactured from 4 layers of high quality Titanium and TiUnite biofilm surface, promotes bone and soft tissue regeneration. This helps reduce treatment time, while maintaining the stiffness and stability of the implant base. Compared to other types of implants, Nobel Biocare's bone integration time usually only takes 2 - 3 months, depending on the patient's constitution, compared to 3 - 6 months for conventional implants.

2. High success rate of implantation:
With a special structure, Nobel Biocare Implant is suitable for many cases of tooth loss, including cases of long-term tooth loss, low jawbone, or weak jawbone. This helps minimize the risk of rejection or bursting after a period of use, increasing the rate of successful implantation.

3. Stability and long-term chewing ability:
The connection between the Implant and Abutment is designed in a triangular shape, creating stability for the Implant. This helps teeth withstand strong chewing forces and maintain jaw bone density, increasing the ability to use for a long time.

4. High aesthetics:
The moderate size and ability to quickly integrate bone of the Nobel Biocare Implant help the wound healing process take place quickly. The special design helps the implant look like real teeth, natural and sturdy, ensuring high aesthetics for the user.

Hopefully the above article can bring you useful information about the high-end Nobel Implant. At The East Rose Dental Clinic, which is currently a reputable facility, highly skilled doctors are being trusted and chosen by many customers to experience dental restoration services with Nobel Implants. If you have any questions, please contact The East Rose Dental Clinic for advice and answers from experts.

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