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A gummy smile treament is a surgical intervention to correct a gummy smile. The problem that most people are interested in gummy smile treatment is is it difficult to treat gummy smile? Does cutting gums affect health? And where is the recommended clinic to cut the gum safely? The following are answers from experts to answer all your enquires.

 1.       What is a gummy smile? 

A gummy smile is a condition in which when you smile, your lips will lift up and reveal the gums on your teeth. This is not a disease but just a combination of teeth, lips and gums that are not really aesthetic in the oral cavity.

Gummy smile is not a disease

2.       What causes gummy smile?

The condition of gummy smile is caused by the following 4 main causes:

Due to the maxillary bone: The gums are pushed forward more than usual due to the alveolar bone, the upper jaw bone is too developed. Another case is that the upper jaw is pushed forward too much, causing an open bite.

Due to gums: The first case is because the gums grow stronger, longer and thicker than usual, so when smiling will be exposed. Case 2 is because the gums are higher than the crowns and the attachment is low. Case 3 is due to complications from gum diseases such as enlarged gums.

Due to teeth: The height of the teeth is short, causing a loss of symmetry between teeth and gums.

Due to the lips: Due to the large muscle tone of the lip sphincter, when smiling, the lips will be pulled higher than normal, causing gummy smile.

3.       Is it difficult to treat gummy smile? Does it affect health?

Today, when science and technology are applied a lot in modern cosmetic dentistry methods, you can quickly overcome the defect of gummy smile without having to worry about complications again. In addition to injecting active ingredients to lose or limit the effect of the lip levator muscle in the case of a slight gummy smile, you can also choose the surgical method of moving the upper jaw or cutting a part of the gums to no longer expose the gums when smile and maintain the effect for a long time.

However, to conduct this method, the patient needs to go through many procedures to examine and check the structure of the jawbone, teeth and gums. Depending on the level of gum regurgitation of each person, the doctor will recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Gum smile surgery is a minor surgery in dentistry, not invasive to the structure of the teeth

Gum smile surgery is a minor surgery in dentistry, not invasive to the structure of the teeth, safe for the patient, with very few dangerous incidents. Before surgery, the doctor will administer anesthesia. Therefore, the patient feels almost no pain or discomfort. After surgery, when the anesthetic wears off, you'll only feel a little numb. Your doctor will prescribe painkiller drug to help you feel more comfortable.

4.       The gummy smile treatment process

Gum removal surgery is a relatively complicated surgery that requires highly skilled and experienced doctors. After the surgery, the patient also needs to have a special diet and care for the wound to recover quickly.

The process of gingivectomy will be carried out in 4 steps

 The surgery will take place in 4 steps:

Step 1: Visit and give advice

Before performing the surgery, the doctors will conduct a general examination of oral health and determine the cause of the gummy smile, how severe it is, from giving a treatment plan to the patient. the most exactly.

Step 2: Clean the oral cavity

In order to ensure the safest surgical process, doctors must clean the oral cavity, remove bacteria and other factors that can be dangerous to the teeth during surgery.

After that, the patient is anesthetized, helping the patient feel comfortable and pain-free during the surgery. All operations need to be carried out under absolutely sterile conditions.

Step 3: Perform gummy smile treatment

Based on the X-ray results as well as the condition and cause of the gummy smile, the dental hygienist will safely and accurately handle the excess gums. The equipment as well as the system of machines and a team of highly qualified doctors at the East Rose Dental Clinic will surely bring you a successful, aesthetic, safe and fast surgery.

Dentists will safely and accurately process the excess gums

Step 4: Instructions for post-surgery care

After completing the surgery, the doctors will advise and guide the home care process to bring the best treatment results. Patients will have to re-examine according to the doctor's appointment schedule to avoid complications and provide timely and best treatment if something goes wrong.

5.       Care after gummy smile treatment

A proper care and diet regimen after gummy smile surgery is an extremely important step to achieve the highest treatment results. So what should abstain for gummy smile treament? Here are the things you need to keep in mind.

Diet after cutting gums treatment

5.1   Notes on diet after cutting gums

Things you should abstain from eating after gummy smile treatment:

·        Sticky rice and chicken due to the heat, make the wound heal long and the risk of scarring

·        Hot, hard spicy foods: These foods affect the healing process, so you should limit their intake. Eggs, seafood (fishy foods): Foods with a fishy smell can easily cause itching, allergies, and discomfort for the wound.

Foods you should eat:

·      Liquid, soft food

·      Drink a lot of water

·      Green vegetables, fruits

You should eat liquid, soft foods like soup, porridge

5.2   Notes on care after treatment for gum disease

·        Strictly follow the instructions of the specialist doctor. Take anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, anti-edema for 5-7 days according to the prescribed prescription.

·        Apply ice for the first 48 hours after gum surgery.

·        Clean, gentle, proper oral hygiene.

·        Do not exercise or participate in vigorous activities to avoid affecting the wound.

6.       Safe and modern clinic for gum cut

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The East Rose Dental Clinic is the leading prestigious dental center in Vietnam

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