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If the smile is a picture, then the lips are the frame of that picture. The attractive highlight in that picture is the shining white teeth and gums
A perfect Hollywood star smile without the intervention of dental professionals is a rarity in reality. The East Rose Dental Clinic would like to summarize the standard criteria of a perfect smile that we can all improve thanks to the intervention of today's modern dental techniques.

First of all need to understand what is a perfect smile?
1/ The golden ratio of gums and teeth of a smile is considered perfect
The teeth need to have a standard width and length, long tooth shape, sharp and delicate tooth angles. Closely correlated with each other and gingival tissues and facial contours in standard proportions.
Golden ratio of teeth

The size between the height / width of the teeth from 70% to 0.85% depending on the type and face, mouth shape. The ideal width-to-length ratio of the two upper front teeth is 77%.

Size of lateral incisors/ incisors/ molars/ canines: ranges from 62% to 80% depending on narrow or wide mouth

Axial tilt: All teeth must grow in the correct direction and have a slightly inclined axis, tooth edges without gaps, close together from top to bottom

Points of contact: Gradually get closer to the gums as you enter the inner teeth

Color: Bright white tooth color, even color, natural clarity and harmony, creating a natural yet luxurious look. Whether wearing rustic or even wearing makeup, the color of the teeth still stands out, creating an attractive feature for the opposite person, bringing confidence and comfort when communicating, thereby having more opportunities to achieve success in life.

2/ The eye-mouth relationship and the middle axis of symmetry
The ratio of the two sides of the teeth creates the central line in the center of the face, balancing the face symmetrically on both sides of the bridge of the nose is the second golden rule when designing a beautiful Hollywood smile.

Face axes are symmetrical to each other
In the arch and midline: The straight line passing through the gap between the two incisors should be in the middle of the jaw arch, the nucleus, and the middle of the face. Jaw arch shape: All teeth are regular together forming a standard arch when smiling
Related structures should be parallel to the facets or perpendicular to the midline
3. Gum line
The gum line is the junction of the points of contact between the gum line and the teeth in the upper jaw. A graceful smile is standard when the gum line is just below the upper lip line and can show the maximum upper incisors.
The gum line is considered ideal

Gum symmetry: The gums will be symmetrical across the midline. The gingival margin is symmetrical across the midline. The gingival margin is symmetrical across the midline, smiling without revealing much of the gums. For example, when someone smiles, we will see no more than 3mm of gum tissue visible. The distance from the outer surface of the premolar to the corner of the edge is the smallest.
Gum line: When drawing a line from the gingival tip of the canine tooth to the gingival tip of the two incisors, the gums of the lateral teeth should be 1 to 2mm lower than this line.

4/ The smile line of a smile is considered perfect
An ideal smile should have two corners of the mouth parallel to the eyes. This is the first and most fundamental criterion of a balanced smile, in harmony with the proportions of the face.
Parallel eye-mouth correlation
The smile line is considered as the point connecting the upper teeth together. An ideal smile line should follow and approach the contour of the lower lip. A curved smile will make you look younger than your age and full of vitality. Women often tend to favor curved smile lines more than men.

The smile line is considered to be in harmony with the face

Hopefully, the above article has given you a look at a beautiful Hollywood smile according to dental criteria. With constant efforts and changes, The East Rose Dental Clinic will be the ideal place to correct the defects in your smile so that you can always shine with confidence and achieve success.



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