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Porcelain crown and essential information

A bright and white smile makes the face fresh and creates sympathy for the opposite person. Any defect on your teeth can "ruin" your smile, especially teeth that are worn, chipped, or broken. Are you learning about methods of crowning/covering porcelain teeth? So, there are many types of porcelain dental crown, what are the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain crown? Let's find out through the article below.

1. How many types of porcelain crown are there?

Porcelain dental crown is a method to restore the shape of the crown, help the teeth to be full, even and beautiful on the dental arch, as well as help the teeth be strong, perform normal chewing function.

Porcelain dental implants help restore bright white teeth

According to the method and purpose of implementation, porcelain teeth can be divided into 3 basic types as follows.

1.1. Aesthetics porcelain dental crown

Aesthetics porcelain dental crown, also known as porcelain crown, is a method used by many patients to improve the shape and color of teeth with defects such as yellowing, teeth with pulpitis, tooth decay, and chipped teeth. , misaligned, .....

To use this method, the doctor has to grind a thin layer of enamel on the outside, then use a crown to cover the real tooth. The rate of tooth grinding does not affect the structure of the tooth and is within the permissible range. If the case of teeth is damaged, aesthetics porcelain dental crown will help regain chewing function and prolong the life of the teeth.

1.2. Porcelain dental bridge

If you lose a tooth, your doctor will recommend a dental bridge. This is a type of fixed tooth restoration. The method used is to use the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth as pillars to help carry and support the dentures. This method is applied when you have lost one or several teeth but not used to replace tooth number 7.

1.3. Implant porcelain teeth on Implant

Dental implant on Implant is the method used in case of missing teeth. These types of teeth have the same structure as real teeth, including the root is the Implant post and the outer crown is the porcelain crown. The implant root post will be implanted into the jawbone firmly with a period of 2-3 months, it will cover the upper layer of porcelain crown to restore the teeth.

This method of porcelain crown will give strong teeth, patients can eat and chew firmly, if it is well cared, it can be used for a lifetime. As a result, teeth become white, beautiful and healthy.

2. Popular types of porcelain crown on the market today

Currently, the demand for porcelain teeth is increasing, so researchers are constantly producing durable and beautiful quality teeth along with time. The following are the two basic porcelain tooth groups on the market today.

2.1. Porcelain teeth with metal ribs

The group of porcelain teeth with metal ribs includes 2 types: normal metal porcelain teeth and titanium porcelain teeth. Metal porcelain teeth usually have a core structure of Nickel - Chromium, Chromium - Cobalt alloys, the outside is covered with a thin layer of porcelain with milky white color, only suitable for restoring the inner molars. Product durability is relatively high about 5-7 years, with a cost of 1.2 million VND and has a 2-year warranty period.

Porcelain teeth with metal ribs have a relatively high durability of about 5-7 years

Titanium porcelain teeth have a frame made of Nickel-Titanium-Chrome alloy, the outside is covered with a thin layer of porcelain. Titanium porcelain teeth are relatively similar to real teeth, have a high durability of 7-10 years and healthy chewing function. To plant this tooth, it costs you 2.5 million and has a warranty period of up to 2 years.

2.2. Full porcelain crown

Full-ceramic porcelain crown will have a structure of both the frame and the outer of pure porcelain. This type of tooth is benign and safe for the patient's oral health. Includes the following types:

  • Zirconia full-ceramic teeth: A type of porcelain teeth with an inner frame made of Zirconia material and an outer porcelain layer of Cercon Kiss porcelain. This type of teeth will give you the natural color, shine like real teeth. Products with a durability of 7 times that of real teeth, high wear resistance, Zirconia porcelain teeth cost 5 million VNĐ but have a warranty period from 7 – 15 years.
  • High-grade Zirconia HT all-ceramic teeth: The most advanced line of porcelain teeth, with the highest durability and high aesthetics. Especially the product is resistant to plaque and yellowing. The product has a lifespan of 20 years, but the cost is about 5.5 million and the warranty period is from 7 to 15 years.

3. Advantages and disadvantages when crowning porcelain teeth

Porcelain crowning is currently a method used by many people to restore teeth to preserve the condition of damaged teeth. The advantage of porcelain dental implants will help teeth be better protected, ensure chewing function, bring aesthetic beauty to the teeth.

Porcelain dental implants help you protect your teeth better

In addition to the above advantages, porcelain teeth also have some disadvantages if you do it at an unreliable dental center, that is, when making porcelain teeth, you have to wear a layer of enamel, more or less affecting your oral teeth health. Over time, your teeth will weaken, affecting the function of your teeth. Therefore, the selection of skilled doctors is an important factor to help prolong the life of the teeth and ensure the quality of service.

4. Prestigious quality address to have porcelain crown

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The East Rose Dental Clinic is the most prestigious and quality address in Vietnam

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