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Teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular today because of the increasing demand for beauty. Teeth whitening today is not only done at the clinic but also at home. Learn about methods and procedures for teeth whitening at the dental clinic and at home in detail in the following article.
What is teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening is a way to whiten yellow, discolored teeth with chemical reactions that help oxidise and reduce the surface of teeth under the influence of bleach. From there, the peptide chains in the tooth color will be cut off, helping to whiten teeth naturally without causing any impact on tooth enamel.

1- Teeth whitening is a way to whiten yellow, discolored teeth
Teeth whitening method at home
At clinic and at-home teeth whitening have many differences, with at-home teeth whitening being made simple. Currently, the most common method is to use bleaching trays, bleach at a certain concentration prescribed by a doctor or by oral methods. But to achieve the highest efficiency, you should perform the doctor's instructions for bleaching, specifically:
Implementation process
Teeth whitening at home with a tray is done through a dentist, after the doctor has measured the size and made a set of trays that fit the teeth, the doctor will prescribe a type of bleach to apply daily bleaching. . But to do it, you need to make sure your teeth are strong, not decayed, worn down, gingivitis... The process is in turn:


  • Brush teeth and oral hygiene, gargle with physiological saline for 5 minutes before performing teeth whitening.
  • Apply the gel around the gum line, use an isolator to protect the lips before performing the removal.
  • Put the medicine into the eraser tray: Take the right amount of medicine according to the instructions, keep the bleach tray for 1-2 hours according to the dentist's instructions, avoid talking and laughing a lot during this time, to avoid the medicine being pushed out to touch the tongue and gums .
  • Take out the eraser tray, put on gloves and clean the cream layer, take the isolation device in turn, and then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

2- Teeth whitening at home with a tray is done through a dentist
When performing at-home teeth whitening, you should note the following issues:

  • Select bleach troughs, bleach of origin, prioritizing use of the dental office.
  • Check if the bleach concentration is suitable, if it exceeds 10-20%, it is not guaranteed.
  • Check the size of the eraser tray to see if it fits, so buy the product with a gel or isolator to ensure safety.
  • After bleaching, you should not eat or drink immediately, especially colored foods that can cause tooth discoloration.

3- Choose bleach troughs, bleach of origin
Teeth whitening method at the dentist
Regarding the option of teeth whitening at the dentist's office and at home, many people choose the in-office method. This is a modern way to whiten teeth, applying new technologies to make teeth whiter. Made according to one of the following two technologies:
Bleaching Trough
With the bleaching tray method, the dental clinic will follow the process:

  • Customers can take impressions of their jaws to create an tray that fits each person's jaw.
  • Guide customers how to use, dosage and let them follow specific steps at home.

The Whitemax method is performed in the clinic, then the dentist will determine the condition of the teeth. If the teeth are completely healthy, preparations will be carried out such as isolating lips, gums, protective gel, goggles. After that, the dentist continues to apply whitening gel to the face and between the teeth, then shine the laser light for about 20 minutes. This is an important time for the bleach to penetrate deep into the tooth enamel.
This teeth whitening technology is safe, does not cause side effects such as enamel damage, gingivitis, sensitive teeth ... This method is often intended for cases of severe color infection, color infection due to antibiotics, due to drugs…

4- The Whitemax method is performed at the clinic
Teeth whitening at the dentist and at home, where should I choose?
If you don't have enough money, you can apply bleach at home, but the effect is slow. With a higher cost, bleaching at a general clinic will help whiten teeth for the first time, with modern technology and machines. Which method to choose depends on the color of the customer's teeth.
For normal yellow teeth, it only needs to be bleached in one course to complete. The cases of tetracycline infection are also based on the degree of discoloration of the teeth, so the bleaching time will be longer. Therefore, teeth whitening at the dentist's office and at home, which method to choose depends on economic conditions, time and teeth condition.
Thus, through the above information, you can better understand the methods of teeth whitening at the dentist and at home. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, choosing which bleaching method depends on each person's conditions.



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