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Overbite is a major defect causing disproportion in the face, affecting the chewing function, aesthetics, thereby affecting the health and physiology, making the sufferer always feel inferior, inferior, and afraid to laugh or communicate.
The invention of the coronary surgery has the effect of overcoming all of the above defects in just one operation, helping the face to be more balanced and harmonious, restoring the entire chewing function, improving aesthetics that makes you healthier, more beautiful, and more confident and thus helps you achieve more success and happiness in life.

What is the overbite jaw?

  • People with the overbite jaw often tend to have the upper jaw protruding excessively forward, the lips cannot be closed when the mouth is closed, the teeth may be exposed or protruding forward. Overbite is a facial jaw disease common to many people.
  • Although they are not dangerous to their health, they have a great impact on the aesthetics of the face, affecting the physiology of the face, making the sufferer always feel confident, afraid to smile, lose confidence when smiling and communicating with others.

Protruding Upper Jaw Surgery - Wassmund and Koler Surgery

Causes of the overbite jaw: The reason might have one or a combination of the following

  • Overbite due to teeth
  • Overbite due to jaw
  • Overbite due to both teeth and jaw

It is necessary to carefully analyze and find the right cause, then find the most appropriate treatment solution to overcome the disease thoroughly to have high aesthetic results and safety. If it is due to teeth, braces will be used more than just surgical intervention.
In case of overbite due to jaw, the doctor will conduct surgical intervention in combination with orthodontics to get satisfactory results.

What is overbite surgery?

  • Overbite surgery is the direct intervention in the facial bone structure, changing and correcting bone defects. This method is designed to bring balance to the jawbone, restore good bite joints, restore the relationship of the upper jaw and lower jaw, restore the harmonious beauty of the face, support chewing. ...
  • Previously, when it came to overbite, many people still thought that braces would fix this case. However, many braces after braces still can not be overcome.

 How much does the overbite surgery cost?

  • Always the same, when using a service, the first issue that is of concern to the customer is the price. Many people rather choose cheap cosmetic surgery to save costs. However, this is not true and in the beauty industry, there is a need to limit the thought of choosing a cheap aesthetic location.
  • For a safe overbite surgery, it is necessary to have the expensive support of a team of good cosmetic doctors, safe aesthetic techniques, modern machinery systems, and a closed aesthetic and quality process. 

We strongly believe and commit that The East Rose Dental is the best choice, a place to bring healthy smiles, confidence, success and happiness to our guests. This is also the mission that we are aiming for.
The East Rose Dental has a team of very good and experienced doctors from 17 to 25 years in the profession. The doctors have been trained at the best university in Vietnam: University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, who worked for a long time at the Central Dental Hospital in HCM City and then continued to be trained at leading universities in the world such as the US (Harvard University), Germany, Australia, Japan ...
In addition, The East Rose Dental has equipped very large and very professionally in the most modern equipment and machines, meeting European standards.
The dentists of The East Rose Dental have successfully treated thousands of difficult cases and gave very good results in the long term. This has been recognized and verified by our established patients 
Therefore, you can be completely assured to choose The East Rose Dental as the most reliable place to take care of your oral health or for a second consultation.



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