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Let’s read on with The East Rose Dental Clinic to learn about pure Zirconia crowns, the techniques involved, as well as the time required!

Characteristics of pure Zirconia crowns

Unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, pure Zirconia crowns don’t have a metal frame, which gives them a naturally beautiful color that looks just like real teeth. They don’t get a gray discoloration in the roots after years of use. Here are some prominent characteristics of pure Zirconia crowns:

  • Zirconia crowns have high biocompatibility and are hypoallergenic, making them very comfortable for your real teeth and gums and. They are also odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and don’t cause bad breath.
  • The Zirconia frame is highly sturdy and durable. It’s able to withstand great chewing forces, allowing you to freely enjoy your foods.
  • The CAD/CAM technique provides the most accurate crowns, preventing improper lining, discoloration of the gumlines, and recurring cavities. As a result, the teeth are unlikely to fall out of place, get stuck with foods or develop bacterial buildup.
  • As the procedure doesn’t require the adjacent teeth to be filed down much, root canal treatment is almost unnecessary. Your real teeth will stay healthier.
  • In The East Rose Dental Clinic, with a team of highly experienced dentists, the process of Zirconia crown placement isn’t painful.
  • Treatment time is usually short. Thus, you won’t have to wait for long. You may get new, beautiful teeth after just a day. Despite the short treatment time, we still guarantee optimal functionality and appearance.
  • Visit The East Rose Dental Clinic to receive evaluation and get pure Zirconia crowns at the best price.

Cases of Tetracycline stained teeth treated with pure Zirconia crowns

Case 1:

Tetracycline stained teeth treated with pure Zirconia crowns case 1

Case 2:

Tetracycline stained teeth treated with pure Zirconia crowns case 2

Pure Zirconia crown placement techniques

1. New standard pure Zirconium crowns (Cercon, E-max Zir Cad)

Dental restoration using the special material Zirconium manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply offers a pleasant appearance and high biocompatibility. To date, there has been over 1,600 Zirconium CAD/CAM system in use, producing billions of crowns and bridges all around the world.

New standard pure Zirconium crowns

Zirconium (zirconia) e.max zir cad – Sirona system manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent inc.

Zirconium (zirconia) e.max zir cad – Sirona system manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent inc.Zirconium (zirconia) e.max zir cad – Sirona system manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent inc.

Zirconium (Zirconia) Cercone Smart Ceramic System Manufactured By Dentsply

Zirconium (Zirconia) Cercone Smart Ceramic System Manufactured By Dentsply

2.Conventional options

If you prefer conventional porcelain crowns, The East Rose Dental Clinic’s technicians can manually design the crown and resin bridge. This is recommended for long and complicated bridges that require attention to detail.

designed crowns

designed crowns and resin bridge

3. Jaw model scanning

You can also choose to have your jaw scanned and get a porcelain frame designed by the Cercon Eye Laser Scanner and a computer system using the professional designing program Cercon Art.

Jaw model scanning

Scanning with a Laser Scanner on Cercon Brain:

  • The wax model is held on the frame with wax sticks.
  • Laser beams will automatically scan the wax model.
  • The system will use the barcode on each porcelain model to automatically calculate the shrinkage of the Zirconia crown when being forged.
  • The extent of shrinkage is accurately calculated.
  • Once the Zirconia is in place, the process of cutting and shaping will automatically occur.
  • Large and small drills will create details all around the frame, from the chewing surface to the gumline.
  • Before the forging process, Zirconia is soft. Thus, the frame can be adjusted easily.
  • The frame will be cut larger than the actual size to make up for the shrinkage during the forging process.

The forging process:

  • After being cut into shape, the frame will be heated inside the Cercon Heat oven furnace.
  • This process causes the material to shrink to the desired size which is the size of the wax model or the computed size.
  • The result will be a porcelain frame with high durability and accuracy.

After that, restoration using pure Zirconia crowns will give you the most beautiful and natural teeth that look just like real ones.

pure Zirconia crowns

Cosmetic elegance is the top priority at The East Rose Dental Clinic as most clients are strict and demanding. Equipped with European system and technique specifically created for Zirconium frames, our technicians are able to work efficiently with porcelain crowns, starting from the lining layer, to the ivory, the glaze, opal, and decorative layers on the surface. All of which possess the ability to reflect lights just like real teeth, allowing naturally beautiful restoration.

Moreover, The East Rose Dental Clinic’s dentists and technicians all have extensive expertise in maximizing the natural appearance of the restoration, providing patients with the best smiles the world has to offer, meeting the highest world-class dental standards.

When is pure Zirconium material indicated?

As Zirconium (E.max Zir Cad, Cercon) is the best option, taking into consideration its cosmetic elegance, durability, force resistance, and perfect accuracy, it can be used in place of any other types porcelain crowns such as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, traditional pure porcelain crowns, and precious metal porcelain crowns.

How long does the procedure take?

Since the forging process takes over 6 hours and must be carried out with the highest precision, the time it takes to get pure Zirconium crowns will be longer. To be specific, you will need 1 to 2 days for the frame and another 1 to 2 days for the crowns.

Some cases at The East Rose Dental

Porcelain crown bridge 1 before
Before treatment
Porcelain crown bridge 1 after
After 20 zirconia crowns procedure



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