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If you are unlucky to own the dark-stained teeth, fractured teeth, Inflamed Tissue, and Over Contoured Crowns, Misaligned Teeth, Poor Shape… That makes you feel unhappy & not confident.

Please feel free to contact with our doctors, we are surely by doing Zirconia crowns, Porcelain veneers, and Teeth laser whitening to get the optimal aesthetics and function for your smile again.


  • Diagnosis: This patient had flared, fractured, and misaligned teeth. Some of her crowns were over-contoured, and the emergence profile (the angle at which the teeth emerge from the tissue) was out of alignment with her other teeth.
  • Treatment: The existing, ill-fitting crowns were removed, and the underlying teeth were reshaped and repaired. The gum tissue that was swollen from the prior crowns was removed and recontoured.

The teeth were then restored with porcelain crowns and veneers. This patient now has the healthy gums and smile she has always wanted.

Poor Shape & Color of Crowns, Different Lengths of Teeth, Negative Space


  • Diagnosis: This patient presented with crowns that had an opaque color and one front tooth was longer than the other. When she smiled, little of her upper left teeth were visible.
  • Treatment: This patient’s teeth were restored with porcelain crowns and veneers. The upper arch was also widened with crowns. Now, this pretty lady has a beautiful da Vinci smile.

Poor Color & Shape of Crowns, Discolored Restorations, Poor Occlusion, Teeth at Angle


  • Diagnosis: This patient did not like to smile. She had crowns and bridges that had poor shape and color. Her teeth were misaligned with poor occlusion and discolored restorations.
  • Treatment: The angulation, color, and shape of the teeth were changed. The arch form and occlusion were also changed (the way her upper and lower teeth meet). This patient’s teeth were restored with porcelain crowns, veneers, and bridges. She now has the da Vinci, Hollywood Smile that she always desired.

What Causes Gaps?

Spaces between teeth are most often caused by heredity. However, they also may be caused by personal habits such as tongue thrusting, or by abnormal tongue or swallowing movements. Constant proving with the tongue, for example, can push teeth apart.

We can fix to Close the Gaps and to achieve the beautiful smile by Braces and / or Zirconia crowns and/or Porcelain Veneer

Some Chipped or Broken Teeth Were Done by The East Rose Dental

Case 1: Teeth were corrected by All Ceramic Zirconia CAD/ CAM Crowns


Case 2: Porcelain Veneer after Braces


Case 3: Teeth were corrected by All Ceramic Zirconia CAD/ CAM Crowns


Case 4: Fixed the chipped teeth by Porcelain Veneers


Does it hurt when I do porcelain crowns or veneers?

Many people are nervous or anxious about visiting and being treated by the dentist. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques dentists have at their disposal to help their patients to feel free of pain in dental treatment. These include inhalation sedation, intravenous sedation, and general anesthetics.

Can I keep working in my office during the waiting period?

Yes, you can. We offer good temporary crowns to your prepared teeth. You will feel comfortable when talking or smiling.



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