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Some Of The Best Types Of Porcelain Crown Available At The East Rose Dental Clinic

Porcelain crowns, a blend of natural beauty and sophisticated tooth restoration technology, are the journey to creating a confident and classy smile. With the advancement of dentistry, current methods of making porcelain crowns have been improved to be extremely modern, in addition to the appearance of many lines of bright, beautiful, high-quality porcelain crowns. East Rose Dental is proud to be the leading dental unit in updating the newest and most advanced porcelain lines. So what types of porcelain crowns does the dentist currently have? Please follow the article below. 

Zirconia CAD/CAM all-ceramic crown

Zirconia porcelain crowns are a form of all-ceramic crown, with the main ingredient being zirconia material, which is outstanding for its durability, longevity, and resistance to abrasion by acids in the oral environment. The special thing is that zirconia porcelain crowns are not only naturally white but also show a delicate shine, similar to real teeth, creating beautiful and confident teeth.
Today, zirconia porcelain crowns are the top choice in dental restoration treatment. This is not only because of its high biological durability but also because of the diversity of designs and types, providing many rich and convenient options for customers.

Cercon porcelain crown

Cercon porcelain crowns are high-end products originating from Germany, a country famous for its world-leading dental industry. The design of this line of porcelain crowns is quite special, consisting of two main components: the inner frame is made from zirconium dioxide, and the peripheral coating is made of Cercon Kiss, creating a protective shell that gives it a bright white look. as natural as real teeth, while providing stability for teeth.

In particular, the manufacturing technology of the Cercon porcelain crown uses the most modern CAD/CAM method, ensuring maximum satisfaction of natural colour factors, maintaining whiteness that does not change over time, and no problem with black gum lines—all to bring the best experience for your smile.

Full contour Zirconia Diamond Bio DT porcelain crown

Bio DT porcelain crowns are one of the products in the all-ceramic crown line that do not contain any metal and have a frame made from zirconia, a special material that stands out with diverse advantages such as light weight and resistance. High strength, colourless, and perfectly integrated with the body. In addition, the peripheral coating of the Bio DT porcelain crown is covered with high-quality aesthetic porcelain, a delicate combination of ceramic crystals and glass, to achieve perfection while enhancing aesthetics and ensuring the ability to function with good bearing capacity.

With properties close to real teeth, Bio-DT porcelain crowns are increasingly becoming a popular choice for many customers, especially those who appreciate naturalness and class in the process of enhancing the beauty of their smiles.

Lava Plus porcelain crown

Lava Plus porcelain is made from a monolithic core through a high-temperature firing process, providing 5–6 times more hardness and bearing capacity than real teeth. With a layer of high-quality porcelain enamel covering the outside, Lava Plus not only reproduces the colour and natural light of real teeth but also prevents the effect of staining. The colour of porcelain teeth is stable and long-lasting over time. These porcelain crowns are also especially benign; they do not oxidise or react with the oral environment and do not cause darkening of the gum line.

With regular care and cleaning, 3M's Lava Plus porcelain crown can last up to 20 years. This brings absolute peace of mind to users while also affirming the product's high effectiveness and safety.

“Bright smile for a wonderful day.” The East Rose Dental Clinic is proud to own a full line of high-quality porcelain to give you a confident, perfect smile. Please contact us immediately for advice and to choose the porcelain crown line that best suits your needs and demands.

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