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What is All On 4/6?

All on 4, all on 6 restorations are instant dental restorations, bringing you many benefits such as: Low maintenance and warranty costs; Easy cleaning teeth and high aesthetic.

All on 4 is an instant replacement dental restoration for patients with total tooth loss for both upper and lower jaws. This restoration is mounted on 4 implants

Implants are posts made of Titanium that are placed into the jawbone, it is like a root to hold a tooth or a bridge, these posts form a solid foundation to support the entire replacement tooth. position.

When the patient has lost all teeth, the entire jaw must be restored, to replace the upper or lower jaw.

With the All on 4 technique, we don't need to place each implant for each tooth like before, but only need to put 2 implants in front of the jaw and 2 implants in the back with a 45-degree tilt. Similar to All on 6

In addition, because fewer implants are used, they are less susceptible to factors affecting the teeth, making it easier to design dental restorations with higher aesthetics, as well as easier to brush and clean. Better oral hygiene.

This is a popular treatment method of The East Rose Dental suitable for patients who have lost all teeth in the upper or lower jaw or both jaws. In addition, the All on 4 service can also be applied to patients with soft jawbones.

Implant All On 4/6

All on 4 deals with immediate dental restorations, meaning that after 1 to 2 days of surgery, you can install a permanent bridge immediately on the implant without having to wait 6 months like the old method.

This All on 4 technique is usually performed under anesthesia or pre- anesthesia, requiring a physician to be experienced, highly skilled and specially trained in the technique. In addition, having the right facilities is an important factor in making this technique successful

Case implant all on 4 - all on 6 by East Rose Dental Clinic

The benefits of All on 4

All on 4 restorations offer the following benefits:

  • Get instant dentures.
  • Low warranty and maintenance costs.
  • Easy oral hygiene.
  • High aesthetics.
  • Short treatment time.

The all-on-4 implant method doesn't apply to the following cases:

  • People with diabetes
  • Pregnant
  • People with poor oral hygiene awareness
  • People with diseases that greatly affect the body's health
  • such as heart disease, diabetes, people who have had
  • radiation therapy in the jaw area
  • People addicted to alcohol, tobacco

The above article has answered the questions of most patients about the cost of the all-on-4 dental implant restoration process. For more in-depth advice on each specific medical condition, and the cost, please contact us. Immediately go to the hotline of The East Rose Dental Clinic


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