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After nearly 1 month of implementation, thanks to the support of many people, 115 love bags have been sold for a total of 5,750,000 VND. The East Rose Dental team would like to sincerely thank you, the customers as well as the sponsor, for your support so that we can carry out this project.

The Journey “Love Bag Helping Children Go To School” Of Y Như

The 14-year-old girl's situation is especially difficult.

The 14-year-old girl's situation is especially difficult.

In a remote commune in Kontum province, Central Highlands, in class 8C of Nguyen Du Secondary School, Dak To district, there is a girl named Y Nhu, 14 years old, with many dreams and ambitions. She was born into a difficult family; her father passed away early, and her mother was the main breadwinner of the family. Nhu not only had to make efforts to study but also had to face hardships in everyday life. Her mother always had to borrow every penny to ensure that she had the same opportunity to go to school as her peers.

Remarkable academic achievements and incidents

Despite difficult circumstances, Y Nhu always tried her best to study. Looking at the academic transcript, we can all see her constant efforts, always achieving quite good academic results. However, in early 2023, she began experiencing worrying health problems such as hair loss, headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Her family is poor, so she does not have money for medical examinations and treatments and cannot pay for medical expenses.

The LOVE BAG programme continues the journey with her.

The East Rose Dental Clinic approached the programme "Giving words to escape poverty," and from there, we had the opportunity to know Y Nhu's situation. With a spirit of kindness, The East Rose Dental Clinic wants to contribute a small part to Y Nhu's journey by supporting her tuition for one school year in Lam Tung village, Kontum, with a total amount of temporary support. The first subsidy is 6,000,000 VND. We commit to accompanying and sponsoring all medical examinations and treatment costs, and we will continue to support the child until he graduates from grade 12 to help Y Nhu overcome difficulties and pursue her dream.

The LOVE BAG programme continues the journey with her
The LOVE BAG programme continues the journey with her

The "LOVE BAG" programme is still being implemented with much enthusiasm and lofty goals. With only 50,000 VND per bag, you can participate in this meaningful journey to support young souls facing difficulties in life. Our goal is not only to help individuals in need of support but also to contribute to nurturing the future of the country. We hope that our customers as well as the sponsors can join hands to help and share "The leaves protect the tattered ones" for a bright future, because love is full of happiness.