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Removable dental restorations are a common method performed for cases of loss of whole teeth or loss of many teeth. There are many types of removable dentures on the market today. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of removable denture? The following article will clarify the characteristics of the most popular types of removable dentures today.
1/ Removable denture with metal frame
This is the best choice for patients with partial tooth loss or loss of some teeth, the remaining real teeth are used as abutments. The solid combination between the metal frame and the patient's real teeth on the jaw frame should ensure that it does not fall off when worn. In addition, due to its high durability, metal frame removable dentures can be used for a long time, providing natural chewing function for users. However, this type of removable jaw can sometimes cause real teeth to be pulled, causing pain and discomfort when worn.

2/ Removable denture type on normal plastic base
With the lowest cost, this type of jaw is used quite commonly on the market, often used for the elderly in case of losing many teeth or losing all teeth. The advantage is that the procedure is simple and saves time for the patient. However, the disadvantage of this type of jaw is that it does not attach closely to the patient's jaw, so it sometimes causes looseness, which is inconvenient during chewing or can lead to related dental problems if Patients do not know how to clean and preserve.

3/ Type of removable plastic dentures
Users can feel more secure when using this type of denture because of its tighter grip on the gums and jaw than regular plastic. This removable type is suitable for both partial and total tooth loss because of its flexibility. In addition, removable plastic dentures are quite economical and easy to clean. The unfinished point of this type is in terms of durability and quite bulky.

4/ Type of removable denture on the Implant post
This type of denture is supported and fixed by implant posts that act as the user's tooth roots. . With high durability, users can freely eat and drink without having to worry about the jaw moving too much, the implant posts are made of titanium, so it completely does not affect the patient's body health. What's more, this type of jaw offers a higher aesthetic value than the rest. Although this type of tooth restoration is quite expensive and takes a long time to perform, but in terms of its aesthetics and superior characteristics, this type is always highly appreciated by dentists.

5/ Type of removable denture Attachment
This type of jaw is linked with brackets in combination with neighboring real teeth, so that the jaw is kept in a more stable and fixed position. The highlight of this type of denture is its long-term use, high durability, and certainty, although the cost of implementation is quite expensive than other types of plastic dentures.

In the above types of dentures, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs and economic conditions of the patient, there is a choice of the most suitable removable denture.
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