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The safest methods to reduce cheekbones today

High cheekbones, in addition to affecting aesthetics, cause the face to lose harmony and age before its age. In anthropology, women with high cheekbones often have a bad fortune in terms of fortune, especially with assassins. This is the reason why more and more woman want slim cheeks to improve their luck and keep their youthful features. The following article shares with you the safest methods to reduce cheekbones today.

Massage at home to help shrink cheekbones

This is a method to help slim cheeks that many people love because it is safe, easy to perform and can be done at home. The way to perform this method is similar to facial massage, but focuses on the two cheeks, specifically as follows:

Step 1: First, you interlock your hands together and then face them, place the backs of your hands close to your temples, then gently squeeze, slowly for about 3 to 5 seconds and then release.

Step 2: Next, you open your hand, turn the palm of your hand up, fold your fingers and close it slightly, then face down and gently press your cheek. Realize this movement, helping to impact the cheekbones and tighten the facial muscles.

Step 3: Next, open your hand and then use the back of your hand to gently press on the jawbone, both pressing and combining with a gentle push up movement.


Massage helps slimmer cheekbones

The advantage of this method is that it is very safe and economical. However, it takes a long time to be effective.

Cheek reduction surgery

One of the most popular methods of reducing cheekbones today is surgery. With this method, the specialist doctor will make an incision inside the oral cavity and then remove and cut the cheekbones to the desired position. This method helps to reduce the cheekbones from 1 to 2 cm.

However, this method affects the cheekbones, so the feeling will inevitably be. You need 1-2 months to fully recover from surgery. And for surgery, you need to choose a reputable and professional unit for the process to be safe and successful as expected.


Surgery is the best way to make cheekbones slimmer

Botox injections to reduce cheekbones

For those of you who are not brave enough to perform surgery, Botox injections to lower the cheekbones are a suitable option. This method has the advantages of being quick, gentle, less painful, and less expensive than surgery.


Botox injections help slim cheeks with less pain

However, botox injection is only effective in cases where the cheekbones have a small protrusion rate, in cases where the cheekbone structure is too high, the effect will not be obvious. The results of this method also only last from 9 months to more than a year. And if you overdo it, it will stiffen the muscles, making the face stiff, even deformed.

Golki chiropractic support to reduce cheekbones

This is known as a Korean method of communication that has existed for 40 years and has been present in Vietnam since 2017. The characteristic of this method is to use hands to correct and massage the cheekbones to help shrink the bones. this.

The Golki Osteopathy method is based on the principle of facial skeleton structure with 23 small bone fragments linked together by joints. The gripper will use his hands to act on these joints to move the bone fragments, bringing them back to their original position. Thereby helping to narrow the cheekbones for a more harmonious face.


Golki osteopathy traditional Korean method to help lower cheekbones

This method not only helps lower the cheekbones, but also improves the health and firmness of the facial muscles. However, the implementation requires an experienced person, knows the exact position of the joints on the facial muscles, otherwise it can lead to facial deformation when performed.



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