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The beauty standard of most Asian people is the slim face Vline. That's why many people are not afraid to spend a lot of money to undergo plastic surgery. However, surgery is not the only way to help you have a beautiful face. The article shares with you the secrets to have the most beautiful VLine face right here.

Build a balanced diet

The first important thing you should pay attention to to get a beautiful, slim VLine face, no double chin, excess fat is a scientific diet. You should choose foods with green vegetables, fruits and add plenty of water to effectively purify and detoxify the body.

1- Scientific nutrition to help slim face

In addition, you should limit eating fast foods, high in salt, high in starch, do not drink alcohol causes the body to lose water and create fatty components leading to swollen face and big belly. . In addition, you can also drink more green tea to support fat loss, because green tea contains caffeine, which helps the body to naturally excrete to prevent facial edema due to excessive water retention.

Exercise regularly to lose fat

One of the ways to have a beautiful Vline face is to perform facial exercises for better elasticity. However, this method requires you to have perseverance and regular implementation to bring high results.

Facial muscle training has been proven to produce the most obvious effect for a slim face, graceful Vline. You should practice hard every day with the movement of opening your mouth to form the letter "E" and keeping your teeth wide and making the sound of the letter "O", repeating continuously for 10 to 15 minutes every day like that.

2- Exercise facial muscles to make the face slimmer and more beautiful

Besides, chewing gum also effectively supports muscle groups to work. Chewing gum will make you feel like you are exercising facial muscles that can be done any time even while working.

In addition, to have a beautiful Vline face, performing facial massage is also an effective way to reduce face fat. The massage steps will help you speed up the blood circulation to make the skin ruddy, create firmness of the skin and muscles so that your face becomes slimmer.

Makeup makes the face slimmer in a moment

One of the immediate measures to make your face slimmer and more beautiful is makeup. This is a very effective method of fooling the eyes of the opposite person without spending a lot of time.

Use creams and powders to contour your face. This method requires you to be really professional in makeup to create a slimmer face while ensuring harmony.

3- Makeup also helps create a charming and pretty face

Put on a mask to support lifting

In the past, applying a mask was only for facial care, but today there is a mask that helps you own a natural VLine face. This mask line helps to shrink and tighten the facial skin, making the face smaller and limiting sagging. This mask has natural clay extracts that both help nourish the skin and give the user a charming and pretty face.

Use heat to burn fat

Most people with a round face are due to excess fat in the neck and face. To overcome this situation, you need to use hot towel therapy which is also very effective. The heat from the hot towel will help burn excess facial fat passively without you having to spend a lot of effort exercising.

4- Use a warm towel to cover the excess fat on the face

To have a beautiful VLine face in this way, you need to heat water, let the temperature drop, then use a towel to wet and wring the towel. Apply a hot towel to the area you want to burn fat. Apply while pressing to create an impact on the skin. Repeat this process at least 5 times a day to help reduce excess fat and double chin. It is best to use this method before going to bed with higher efficiency.

V Line surgery brings the best effect

Although using natural ways to get a VLine face is safe and low cost, the effect is very slow and requires persistence. Therefore, many people have come to the Dentistry, Beauty Salon, Hospital to perform VLine surgery.

With modern machines with the expertise of specialist doctors, it is guaranteed to help you quickly get a beautiful VLine face. Thanks to the development of science and technology, the use of modern, sterile methods and the use of safe grafts for health, you are also completely assured when performing surgery.

Above are the secrets to have a beautiful VLine face readers can refer to. If you want to be safe and save money, take measures manually. And if you want your face to change quickly, pretty and standard VLine, invest in chin surgery.



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