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Top aesthetic porcelain tooth shapes are leading the trend in 2024.

Choosing the right porcelain tooth shape not only highlights the beauty of your smile but also carries with it a profound feng shui meaning. That's how you create a special connection between beauty and positive energy balance. Right now, let's explore the top beautiful tooth shapes that lead the trend and are the most physiognomically standard for each type of face!

Natural tooth shape

Natural porcelain teeth are considered the most popular choice at the present time. With regular tooth shapes, not too big or small, and not picky about the face, this tooth shape brings maximum naturalness to the owner. The colour of porcelain teeth is adjusted to be completely similar to real teeth, creating a unique, delicate, and natural appearance.

The process of making porcelain teeth is done with meticulousness, helping the size of the porcelain teeth to completely reflect the characteristics of natural teeth, creating harmonious symmetry between the two jaws and in every detail of the tooth set. . This tooth shape is especially suitable for people who have a gentle personality, do not like to stand out too strongly, and have mature aesthetic taste.

Rabbit teeth shape

The rabbit tooth shape is not only a symbol of agility and mischief, but it also carries the breath of innocence. The special feature of this tooth shape is the prominence of the two upper front teeth, which are larger in size and longer than the other teeth, creating a very unique appearance.

Rabbit tooth shape is becoming a trend loved by many young, active women. The uniqueness of this tooth shape not only highlights personality but also creates a strong impression while also demonstrating creativity and confidence in the wearer's aesthetic taste.

Oval tooth shape

Oval tooth shape with soft curves and delicate rounded corners, creating a simple but impressive look. Imitating this beauty is not only the choice of the vast majority of businessmen but also a popular trend in the Tiktoker community today. This tooth shape not only shows simplicity and femininity but also carries a bit of subtle power.

When smiling, people with oval teeth always exude a radiant and special charisma with a unique temperament. This is a great choice for people with gentle, peaceful, and mature personalities, highlighting their natural beauty and class.

Square tooth shape

The square tooth shape is recognised by the square, long, and slightly angled incisors, creating a clear characteristic. This tooth shape is especially suitable for people with round and chubby faces, creating harmony in the shape.

If viewed from the perspective of physiognomy analysis, people with square teeth often show a strong and decisive stance in everything, which makes it easy for them to achieve success in life. Square teeth are not only a beautiful smile but also a symbol of strength and determination.

Hollywood teeth shape

The Hollywood tooth shape, commonly known as the Celeb tooth shape, is attracting the popularity of many artists. Normally, the shape of the teeth will be long and big, creating emphasis on the face and making the smile more natural and attractive. Celeb teeth are often popular among artists, idols, singers, etc.

When you have Hollywood teeth, your face will be brighter and more prominent. Creates a perfect highlight for attractive and luxurious beauty on the face.

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Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, porcelain crowns will transform your smile with your favourite tooth shapes. Choosing porcelain teeth not only helps you keep up with modern trends but also ensures that your smile looks most harmonious and confident. I hope you soon find the perfect porcelain tooth shape to revamp your perfect face this year!

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