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Porcelain veneer teeth are one of the porcelain teeth that many dental enthusiasts love because they are bright and durable like real teeth and feel gentle and comfortable because they are less invasive. To achieve high efficiency in porcelain veneers, not only is it necessary to have a good doctor and modern equipment, but it is also important to choose a suitable type of veneer. There are many popular types of veneers; what are they? And which type is being used the most today? Let's answer in the article below.

How many types of porcelain veneers are there?

Top of the most popular porcelain veneer line currently

Nowadays, with the continuous development of dentistry, types of porcelain veneers are also diversified, with many designs, features, and typical features on the market, such as:

Emax Porcelain Veneer 

Emax Veneer is made from Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic, providing natural translucency and high reflectivity, helping teeth look more natural. Crafted entirely from pure ceramic material, it has high compatibility and good stain resistance. Lifespan can last up to 15 years.

Amber porcelain veneers

Made from lithium disilicate-based glass ceramic with the characteristics of clarity like real teeth and high durability. Amber porcelain has been widely used in dentistry for all-ceramic dental restorations and cosmetic porcelain veneers.

Lumineer Veneer Porcelain Teeth

Exclusively distributed by Labo Denmat and originating from Canada, Lumineer Veneer stands out with its optimal thinness, about 0.2mm, helping to minimize tooth grinding. However, the durability and longevity of Lumineer porcelain are usually not as high as those of other types of veneers.

Lisi Press Porcelain Veneer

Lisi Press Veneer is ultra-thin porcelain and has a pearl-like transparent color, improving the aesthetics of the face. It is safe for the environment in the oral cavity, is resistant to corrosion, and has a long lifespan, which can be up to 20 years.

Porcelain Veneer Lingual/Palatal

Veneer Lingual/Palatal is a type of veneer for the back tooth surface and fixes problems such as broken, chipped, or worn biting edges without affecting real teeth.

Composite Veneer

Composite veneer is made from composite resin, has a lower cost, and is suitable for many people. However, it has the ability to stain and break more easily than other types of veneer.

Ultra White Porcelain Veneers 

Bringing high aesthetics, Ultra White Porcelain Veneers are crafted using modern technology and have high hardness, with a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Ultrathin Veneer (Veneer Laminate)

Ultra-thin porcelain, about 0.2–0.5 mm thick, providing high aesthetics and hardness.

Zirconia Porcelain Veneers

Using high-quality Zirconia ceramic material, they provide aesthetics and hardness up to 900 MPa.

Diamond Veneer 

Diamond veneer is made from zirconia and covered with an ultra-thin layer of diamond, providing high aesthetics and durability.

Each type of veneer has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, and the choice often depends on the condition of your teeth and your personal goals. To choose the most suitable type of veneer, you should visit a dentist and learn about the origin and quality of the veneer product.

Which type of porcelain veneers are most popular in Vietnam?

In the Vietnamese market, Veneer EMax Press (Emax) and Korean Amber porcelain are two of the popular and widely used porcelain veneer brands. Here are some of the characteristics of both types of veneers:
Veneer Emax Press

Features: Emax is a ceramic (trusted in the dental field) made from Lithium Disilicate glass ceramic. It has the ability to reproduce the natural color and translucency of real teeth.


  • High natural light content, helps create a natural and bright smile.
  • High compatibility, minimizing the risk of irritation to the oral cavity environment.
  • Good stain resistance, helps maintain the bright white color of teeth.
  • High hardness, good corrosion resistance.


  • The thinness of Emax is not as low as some other types of veneers, and may require a little grinding of real teeth to make room for the veneer.
  • The cost may be higher than for some other types of veneer.

Korean Amber Porcelain

Features: Korean Amber Porcelain is a type of ultra-thin porcelain veneer, with transparent pearl-like color, made from high-quality porcelain.


  • Highly aesthetic, bringing naturally bright white teeth
  • Safe for the environment in the oral cavity and almost completely resistant to corrosion.
  • High durability and a long lifespan, up to 20 years.


  • Korean Amber Porcelain has a higher brand value than some other types of veneers, which can create higher costs for patients.

Here are some Veneer cases performed by The East Rose Dental Clinic

Veneer emax press cases  by The East Rose Dental Clinic

Veneer cases performed by The East Rose Dental Clinic

Veneer cases performed by The East Rose Dental Clinic

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