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VLine face is one of the modern beauty trends and is loved by Asian women. If you are unlucky to have this natural beautiful face, you still have a chance to change by V Line surgery. So how does this method work? Is it painful or not? How much is the price? Details of the answer will satisfy all your enquiries as below.


1.       What is V Line surgery?

V Line surgery is a plastic surgery method that affects the jawbone, chin bone or jaw angle to help overcome the angular, rough face. Thereby giving you a slim and symmetrical face like Korean stars.

Owning a VLine face is always the dream of many modern young girls

2.       The secret to a beautiful VLine face

The small oval-shaped face with a slim, sharp chin is considered one of the coveted beauty standards in Asia. Here is a recommendation of the secret to a beautiful VLine face you can refer to.

  • Diet: A low fat and less starchy diet is the smart way if you want to own a beautiful VLine face. In addition, drinking enough water and eating a lot of fruit also makes the skin smoother and slimmer.
  • Exercise: You can also do some exercises to help the muscles in the face have better elasticity. However, you need to do it regularly to get the best results.
  • Makeup: Using makeup tips to make the face slimmer, this is a very effective method to deceive the eyes of the opposite person.
  • V Line surgery: A method that is considered a lifesaver for women, transforming a rough and angular face into a beautiful V Line face.

3.       Criterias to evaluate the standard of V Line face

The face that is considered as V Line standard must have harmonious and slim lines, no excess fat, and a reasonable length.

  • At a straight angle: the face is V-shaped, the chin is downward, the length from the lower lip to the chin is ⅓ of the total length of the face.
  • At face side angle: Lips, tip of nose, tip of chin form a straight line
  • Overall face: The chin, jawline are slim, not angular, in harmony with the whole face.

4.       Is V Line surgery painful?

Before the surgery, the doctors will administer anesthesia to bring you into a state of unconsciousness. Therefore, during VLine surgery, you absolutely do not have to feel any pain. After surgery, you may feel some mild pain in the chin area. However, this feeling will quickly go away thanks to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The wound will also heal quickly, so you can rest assured of the above question.


5.       Who should do the V Line surgery?

V Line surgery is suitable for all the customers whether you are a man or a woman who wish to have a slim V Line face, especially those with defects:

  • Mandibular asymmetry such as misaligned jaw
  • The lower jaw is flat or too long or too short.
  • Face is protruding, hatchet-face , square face.


6.       Is VLine surgery difficult to implement?

As a surgical method that directly interferes with the structure of the chin bone, it is difficult to avoid worries from the client. However, if you learn carefully about the current VLine chin reduction technology, you can be completely assured of the safety and outstanding effectiveness of this method. The surgery time is also shortened, thereby minimizing the damage to other areas as well as helping the recovery process take place faster.

7.       V Line face removal process

V Line surgery must be performed in accordance with international standard procedures to ensure medical safety of the Ministry of Health, including:

  • Assess the client's condition: The doctor will point out the defects on the chin area and advise on the appropriate remedy.
  • Health check, measuring and drawing the surgical site on 3D software: Customers will be checked to ensure they are healthy enough to detect abnormalities before surgery.
  • Anesthesia: After a successful drug test, the doctor will administer anesthesia to help the client feel comfortable during the surgery.
  • Performing surgery: A highly qualified maxillofacial surgeon will perform VLine chin reduction surgery with each precise and meticulous operation according to the correct technique.
  • Suture the incision, fixed bandage the chin area: The incision inside the oral mucosa will be sutured and the chin bandage will be used to fix the entire face. The duration of surgery is from 2 to 3 hours.

V Line surgery must be performed in accordance with international standard procedures to ensure medical safety of the Ministry of Health.

8.       How much does V Line surgery cost?

Now, with the application of 3D endoscopic V-line facial contouring technique with modern equipment and high skills professional doctors, your surgery will become quick, safe and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, according to estheticians at The East Rose Dental Clinic, the cost of V Line facial surgery will depend on the characteristics and complexity of the face. Therefore, you need to be examined directly to be able to give the most specific assessment.

Currently, The East Rose Dental Clinic is having a promotion program of up to 70% for all services, including V Line surgery. Please do not miss the opportunity to make high-quality beauty at a more reasonable price this time.

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