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There are many people who have defects in the chin area, especially the receding chin. The indentation of each person may be different, but they all affect the aesthetics, not only that, but also affect the destiny of people. So what is a receding chin? How to recognize a receding chin? Let's refer to the information below to know the general number of people with a low chin and how to improve it permanently.

What are the characteristics of a receding chin?

According to the measure of facial balance, a standard face should have the top of the nose with the lips and the top of the chin in a straight line. However, people with a low chin cannot meet this ratio because the bone structure is shorter than normal. In particular, when the trend of V-line chin is increasingly dominating, the receding chin turns into a major defect, reducing the grace of the face.


A receding chin can be found in both men and women

A receding chin is a chin that lacks protrusion and is replaced by a short chin, pushed inward, making the face disproportionate, larger, and coarser. It is possible to identify cases of undersized chin through characteristics such as:

The chin is short, pushed inward.

The distance from the top of the lower lip to the bottom of the chin is too short.

Viewed from an angle, you will see the chin is indented compared to the forehead.

It is also possible that the jaw is protruding, pushed out, so it looks like the chin is beveled in.


A receding chin makes the overall face look less delicate

General numbers, the fate of people with thin chin

According to anthropology, in addition to the eyes and nose, the chin is the part that affects the last 2/3 of a person's life. For women, the concept of beauty, predestined, rich destiny or not will be evaluated through many positions, including the chin.

A receding chin is always unpopular because it disrupts the balance of the face, making it look big and less delicate. Besides, through looking at the horoscopes of ancient documents recorded, the fortune of this chin shape is completely unfavorable.


People with low chin often face difficulties in life

The chin is considered a place to keep wealth, a full chin that is in harmony with the face will be evaluated as a woman with good fortune, a bright future, thanks to her husband's family. For people with a low chin, they will face many difficulties and are multi-faceted in love, family, husband and children, and career.

The old people often say, "virtue wins the lottery", but most of the people who are really good, have noble people to help, everything is only resolved at an average level, less difficult but not too smooth.

A receding chin has little luck in career

According to the way of looking at people from the past to the present, people who are industrious often show carelessness, impatience, impatience, lack of will, and are easily discouraged. Therefore, people with a low chin often face difficulties at work, and on the road to fame, they do not have much luck.


You can choose to have a receding chin surgery for a permanent improvement

Easy to be pressured in life

People with a receding chin often tend to be resigned, do not want to oppose anyone, so they are easily pressed and overwhelmed in life. These people often have a pessimistic view, less wanting to share with others, but prefer to live alone. They are often exploited, oppressed, and mistreated.

Challenging love

It can be seen that people with a low chin often have many obstacles in the way of love and marriage, and do not have full happiness. Sometimes, there are people who can't even find happiness.

In love, they are often sad, weak, and love with all their heart, without reason. So, when broken, they struggled, searching forever to get rid of loneliness and sadness, they had to go through a lot of pain to hope to find their life's love.

Thus, it can be seen that the receding chin completely does not affect health as well as the ability to eat, but it causes loss of aesthetics and bad general. Therefore, many people tend to look for ways to permanently improve the receding chin. The most effective and popular right now can be said to be the form of surgery for the receding chin.





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