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What is All-On-4 Plus?

The All On 4 Plus® is a new technique introduced by Dr. Alex Fibishenko.

all on 4 plus

All-On-4 Plus incorporates:

1. Reshaping of the jawbone and gum surgery

When teeth are lost the gums shrink because the underlying bone undergoes natural atrophy and resorbs due to certain reasons such as infection, periodontitis, tooth extraction, trauma, etc.

The re-shaping of the jawbone is carried out with a procedure called alveolectomy. We remove the rugged areas of the jawbone to leave a flatter surface and more favourable surroundings for dental implants.

By removing the rugged areas, we also eliminate the parts of the jaw that are most susceptible to resorption and can rely on the deeper bone that is of better quality for improved health of the dental implants over time.

Apart from improving the conditions for the placement of the fixtures, the re-shaping of the bone also improves the amount of space that is available for the construction of the teeth, which improves our ability to design a restoration that is more durable and aesthetic, and helps ensure that the transition between the prosthesis and natural gums remains hidden.

The re-contouring of the jawbone also creates a flat interface of the prosthesis where it contacts the natural gums, which helps patients in cleaning and maintaining good hygiene.

2. Bone augmentation (when required)

Every case is different, and the bone anatomy can even vary in the same patient between the left and the right sides.

In some cases when the bone is in bad condition, too thin or too soft, doesn’t have the required thickness and width to support the implant and isn’t eligible for immediate load implant, the dentist will have to do a bone graft, sinus lift, and bone membrane lift.

3. Critical implant positioning using all on 4 clinic’s protocols

We locate the implant positions using all-on-4 protocols.

4. Additional fixtures (only when indicated)

A minimalistic approach to the number of implants that we place to support a full set of replacement teeth for one primary reason is used to improve your ability to clean. However, in cases such as patients being heavy grinders, or where the foundations are inadequate, i.e very poor quality bone, all-on-4 technique’s four posts can’t provide sufficient support. The dentist may need to add one or more implants for better support.

5. Delivery of final prosthesis within 2-3 days using innovative techniques

The techniques developed by Dr. Alex Fibishenko allow for the delivery of a final restoration within 2 -3 days of the surgery. The bridge is tailored to each individual patient.

6. Indication-specific restorative upgrades (when required)

3 years after the surgery, patients may replace the bridge with a higher-quality one, such as:

  • A bridge with titanium frame and acrylic crowns
  • A bridge with titanium frame and porcelain crowns
  • A bridge with titanium frame and Zirconia crowns

Treatment process

The patient is missing their full set of upper teeth and suffers bone loss

Patient has large sinus spaces and not enough bone to spread the implants sufficiently for a full complement of teeth

Day 2 after All on 4 Plus bone graft and sinus lift

All On 4 Plus treatment with sinus grafting and insertion


Finished and upgraded

Additional implants

Zirconia-Porcelain Teeth

The East Rose Dental (Old Rose Dental Clinic) offers immediate teeth replacement solutions that are aesthetic, functional and comfortable, as well as various affordable upgrade options with Zirconia and Porcelain for the long term.

Your immediate teeth with high impact acrylic

The teeth that are fitted immediately after surgery are constructed from a highly aesthetic and resilient acrylic material. The processing of this material makes it conducive to a quick turnaround using restorative protocols, and this is the only choice for immediate teeth.

The bridge is reinforced internally with metal bar support and is designed as the permanent restoration with optimal aesthetics and function, but this does not mean it will last a lifetime. Over time some wear occurs and this varies from patient to patient.

On average, the acrylic teeth require replacement every 3-5 years. This timeframe is only a guideline and it is not unusual for our patients to have worn their original restorations for 7 years or longer without requiring replacement.

Replacing the acrylic bridge does not mean re-doing the entire All On 4 treatment from the start. The process of replacing the teeth is uncomplicated and does not require any additional surgery. Old implants can be reused and only the crowns need to be changed. This requires neither surgery nor anesthesia.

Your immediate teeth with high impact acrylic

Why upgrade?

  • Improved Longevity
  • Improved Comfort
  • More Natural Feel
  • Improved Aesthetics

Options for upgrading immediate implants

Option 1: Metal frame and acrylic crowns

Titanium Zirconia solutions Rose Dental Clinic 1

Option 2: Titanium frame and acrylic crowns

Titanium Zirconia solutions Rose Dental Clinic 2

Option 3: Titanium frame and layered porcelain crowns

Titanium Zirconia solutions Rose Dental Clinic 3

Option 4: Zirconia frames and crowns

Titanium Zirconia solutions Rose Dental Clinic 4



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