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Owning a long chin will make many people self-deprecating and inferior in work, communication and life. Long chin surgery was born to bring the optimal solution to help people with long chin regain a natural and balanced chin shape. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this surgical method in the following article!

What is long chin surgery?

The feature of coarse and large chin bone is one of the typical disadvantages of East Asians. This will make the face unbalanced, rough and poor. Especially for women, the rough chin will make the face lose its feminine and graceful beauty. Therefore, many people have sought to have long chin surgery.


Long chin surgery uses equipment to remove the long chin

Long chin surgery is the process of using specialized equipment to remove the long, coarse, and large chin to create a slimmer, more delicate chin. From there, bring balance and harmonious beauty on the face.

Should I have long chin surgery?

A long chin is a phenomenon where the chin bone is overdeveloped, making the face unbalanced. This is a defect on the face that is easy to see with the naked eye, because the face is asymmetrical, the facial bones have a rough feeling that looks unfriendly.


Long chin surgery helps bring back natural, balanced and harmonious beauty

The defect of a long chin not only makes the face look unsightly, but also causes low self-esteem and shame in communication. Therefore, long chin surgery is the only solution to overcome this defect to help you regain a balanced and natural chin shape.

The development of modern science, advanced machinery and technology along with a team of specialists with many years of experience will help you change your appearance in the safest way. You should go to a reputable address to have surgery with professional procedures and techniques to have a successful surgery. From there, you can be confident with a balanced, graceful face.

Advantages of long chin surgery method

Long chin reduction surgery is performed quickly and with maximum safety thanks to advanced methods and techniques in cosmetology. At the same time, it will improve the disadvantages of the face right after the surgery.

To perform long chin surgery, the specialist doctor will make a small incision inside the oral cavity and then proceed to dissect to the position of the jawbone to be removed. Modern machines will directly affect the chin bone with the technique of sliding the chin forward or backward to bring the desired balanced and natural chin shape.


Long chin surgery brings charming beauty

The chin bone part will be perfectly corrected and fixed firmly. The long chin surgery method is highly appreciated by experts because of the following outstanding advantages:

Thoroughly solving the long chin defect helps to give the opportunity to own a face with a naturally balanced chin shape.

The surgery is quick and not too complicated. Minimally invasive, no pain, no scars, no recovery time.

Modern chin reduction technique, using advanced equipment, precise manipulation does not cause complications after surgery.

The effect of long chin surgery is sustainable over time.

Preferential price, not too expensive, you can own a natural face.




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